Why Deadpool Is Pulled Into The MCU Multiverse Answered 5 Months Early By Clever Marvel Superpower Theory

  • Deadpool's self-awareness and knowledge about the X-Men franchise could be the reason the TVA recruits him in Deadpool & Wolverine.
  • Deadpool's fourth-wall-breaking abilities could help the TVA preserve the multiverse's order in Deadpool & Wolverine and future multiversal installments like Avengers: Secret Wars.
  • Deadpool and She-Hulk's fourth-wall powers could place them among the most powerful characters in the Multiverse Saga.
The reason why the MCU's TVA chooses to recruit Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson in Deadpool & Wolverine may already have been revealed. As shown by the movie's first trailer, Phase 5's Deadpool & Wolverine brings Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine into the MCU through the multiverse thanks to the Time Variance Authority. Deadpool's mission may result in the destruction of 20th Century Fox's X-Men timelines, though some of its characters could survive the catastrophe by finding refuge in other Marvel universes.
It's possible that Deadpool and Wolverine find themselves in a multiversal adventure due to their previous experiences with time travel in Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, respectively. However, there are more reliable time-traveling variants the TVA could have recruited, including the Avengers during their Time Heist days and Doctor Strange when he still had the Time Stone — all of whom are absent in Deadpool & Wolverine's MCU cast. What makes Deadpool a more valuable asset may be a distinct ability that makes it worth it for the TVA to put up with his immature antics.
Deadpool’s Fourth-Wall Self Awareness Might Be Key To The Multiverse Saga Deadpool May Know How To Stop Multiversal Disasters Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala In Deadpool & Wolverine's first trailer, Matthew Macfadyen's TVA agent Paradox seemingly reveals the existence of the multiverse to Deadpool, to which Deadpool responds, "your little cinematic universe is going to change forever" and "I am Marvel Jesus". Considering the TVA's goals of overseeing and protecting the stability of the multiverse, recruiting a self-aware hero with an innate knowledge of different realities is the best decision the organization could make. Unlike Loki, who became the TVA's savior against the TVA and his own expectations, Deadpool could be briefed on how the multiverse needs to be shaped right from the start.
Deadpool and She-Hulk could use their self-awareness to protect and reorganize the Marvel multiverse
Deadpool's ability to break the fourth wall could play a key role not only in Deadpool & Wolverine but also in some of the MCU's upcoming Multiverse Saga installments. With the TVA's help, Deadpool may understand which alternate realities house the most important character variants, where the biggest threats to the multiverse are, and how to prevent future incursions. Jennifer Walters already used her fourth-wall superpowers to negotiate with Marvel Studios and solve her own personal struggles in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. In Avengers: Secret Wars, Deadpool and She-Hulk could use their self-awareness to protect and reorganize the Marvel multiverse.
Why The TVA Might Need Deadpool's Unique Marvel Skillset Deadpool Understands The X-Men Movie Timelines More Than Anybody Else Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala Loki turned the chaotic Sacred Timeline into a stable Yggdrasil during the Loki season 2 finale. However, the TVA continues to keep a close eye on diverging timelines, which could cause a disastrous chain reaction if not fixed promptly. In Deadpool & Wolverine, the TVA might recruit Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool as a last resort to preserve the order of the multiverse, possibly Loki's creation of the multiversal Yggdrasil brought Deadpool to the TVA's attention or because the X-Men timelines have become too unstable.
In the latter scenario, Deadpool would be the TVA's best asset not only due to his self awareness but also due to his knowledge about the X-Men timelines. In 2016's Deadpool, Wade Wilson asks Colossus which Professor X actor he's referring to, saying, "McAvoy or Stewart? these timelines can get so confusing." In 2018's Deadpool 2, he tells a young Wolverine, "hey, it's me! don't scratch! just cleaning up the timelines!". If the TVA attempts to save the X-Men universe or extract certain variants from it, then Deadpool is the perfect source of insider information.
Related Deadpool's Reckless Multiverse Adventure In Deadpool & Wolverine Causes Avengers: Secret Wars Claims MCU Theory An exciting MCU theory suggests that despite his best efforts, Wade Wilson's Deadpool will be the one to trigger the events of Avengers: Secret Wars. What The MCU’s Power Rankings May Look Like After Deadpool & Wolverine Deadpool And She-Hulk Could Be The Multiverse Saga's Most Powerful Characters Close Due to their fourth-wall-breaking powers and their knowledge of the real world, Deadpool and She-Hulk could find themselves at the top of the MCU's power rankings during the Multiverse Saga. Likewise, Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange may not be physically strong, but their magic gives them a wide array of useful abilities, among which stand out their knowledge about the multiverse and the methods they can use to hop from one timeline to the other. If America Chavez learns magic at Kamar Taj, she could also find herself a spot alongside her mentor and her first villain.
Deadpool is virtually immortal, as he can theoretically regenerate from the smallest piece of organic material.
Characters with formidable powersets and impressive feats in their resume, like G'iah, Captain Marvel, and Adam Warlock would come right after the MCU's multiversally connected characters and their similarly powerful variants. And then, MCU characters could be ranked by physicalstrength with characters like Hulk and Vision leading the list. Of course, Marvel entities such as Eternity, the Watcher, and the Living Tribunal naturally precede all power rankings, and Loki may have earned a spot among them after shaping the multiverse by himself. Still, these rankings could change after the events of Deadpool & Wolverine.
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