X-Men '97 Release Date Schedule of Episodes on Disney+ (Confirmed)

X-Men "97 is headed to Disney+ in just a couple of weeks, and the release dates of the MCU show"s first episodes have been officially confirmed.
Though not officially MCU canon, X-Men "97 is the franchise"s first X-Men-centric project and will feature characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm, among other fan favorites.
The show is a direct follow-up to X-Men: The Animated Series from the 1990s — even bringing back members of the original voice cast, like Cal Dodd (Wolverine).
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X-Men "97 First Episodes Release Schedule MarvelA new post from the Disney+ Canada Instagram page reveals X-Men "97 will begin with a two-episode premiere on March 20.
Additionally, a Disney+ press release confirmed that there will be at least one new episode released on March 27 too.
Of course, fans do not know whether following the two-episode premiere each week will see just one new episode, or if other weeks will also feature multiple episodes dropping together.
Granted, if that were to happen, it would be the only weekly releasing MCU Disney+ show to see two episodes released together besides the first two.
Still, the most likely release schedule, then, appears to be:
  • Episode 1: March 20 (confirmed)
  • Episode 2: March 20 (confirmed)
  • Episode 3: March 27 (confirmed)
  • Episode 4: April 3
  • Episode 5: April 10
  • Episode 6: April 17
  • Episode 7: April 24
  • Episode 8: May 1
  • Episode 9: May 8
  • Episode 10: May 15
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What Will X-Men "97 Be About?Beyond what was revealed in the X-Men "97 trailer, a lot of information about the upcoming animated show"s plot has been made public.
While the trailer put the final focus on Magneto — an unsurprising inclusion for fans of the original series (and anyone who has read even a single panel of X-Men comics) — Mr. Sinister will play a significant, villainous role too.
The show will, of course, include the mutant discourse that is, intentionally or not, part of any X-Men story. Throughout the team"s entire history, anti-mutant behavior has served as a metaphor for racism, homophobia, or any other type of hate.
Another interesting element of the show is the release of a prequel comic while the show is airing.
Often, prequel comics will come before a show, helping build anticipation and prepare new fans. However, the first two episodes of X-Men "97 will be released before the first of the comic"s four issues.
Given that the show will be taking place "several months after Professor X left Earth," according to showrunner and writer Beau DeMayo, it is very possible that the prequel comic will cover some of the events from those in-between months.
Or, it could tell missing tales from the days of X-Men: The Animated Series — something fans of the beloved show would certainly appreciate.
The first two episodes of X-Men "97 will hit Disney+ on March 20, and the entirety of X-Men: The Animated Series is available to stream on the platform now.


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