Disney+ Confirms 3 Marvel & Star Wars Releases for March 2024

Disney+ is set to see three new Marvel and Star Wars releases this March, giving fans much to look forward to in the coming month.
The streaming service started 2024 with a bang thanks to the major viewership numbers of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Echo early in the month.
More recently, The Marvels hit Disney+, quickly seeing far more success than its box office performance may have indicated it would.
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3 Marvel & Star Wars Disney+ Releases In MarchAccording to a new press release, three projects from Marvel and Star Wars will be added to Disney+ in March 2024, including one live-action movie and two new animated shows.
Morbius SonyWell, it must be "Morbin Time," because the notorious double-flop of a Spider-Man spin-off from Sony will make its way onto Disney+ on Friday, March 1.
Starring Jared Leto, Morbius is considered one of the worst superhero movies ever. However, Madame Web reviews indicate it might have some competition for that spot.
Morbius is mostly known for how relentlessly it was made fun of online, rather than its plot or characters. Still, it attempts to tell the story of Doctor Michael Morbius and his experimentation with blood that leads him to acquire vampire powers.
Morbius will hit Disney+ on Friday, March 1.
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Star Wars: The Bad Batch — Season 3, Episodes 5-9 DisneyWith its first three episodes already released and the fourth coming at the end of February, Star Wars: The Bad Batch will release five new episodes in March.
The Star Wars: The Clone Wars sequel series will end after the 15th episode of Season 3 releases in May. Starring Dee Bradley Baker and Michelle Ang, The Bad Batch (like Clone Wars), is a fan-favorite animated series, exploring even more of the vast galaxy from Star Wars.
New episodes of The Bad Batch hit Disney+ on Wednesdays, with fans typically seeing one episode weekly. However, March will have one extra episode, as Episodes 6 and 7 will hit the streaming service on Wednesday, March 13.
The full March release schedule for The Bad Batch is as follows:
  • Episode 5 — Wednesday, March 6
  • Episodes 6 and 7 — Wednesday, March 13
  • Episode 8 — Wednesday, March 20
  • Episode 9 – Wednesday, March 27
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X-Men "97 — Episodes 1 & 2 DisneyThe MCU is finally releasing its first X-Men-centric project, with the first episode of X-Men "97 hitting Disney+ on Wednesday, March 20 and the second on Wednesday, March 27.
Though not canon to the main MCU universe, X-Men "97 will continue where the beloved "90s cartoon X-Men: The Animated Series left off. The show"s primary team will include the likes of Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jubilee, Rogue, Gambit, and more, marking all of these characters" MCU debuts.
The show will have 10 episodes, released weekly on Wednesday nights. The full March release schedule for X-Men "97 is as follows:
  • Episode 1 — Wednesday, March 20
  • New Episode — Wednesday, March 27
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While fans wait, though, the next episode of The Bad Batch Season 3 will be released on Disney+ on Wednesday, February 28.


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