Venom 3: Will Aunt May Appear? Norman Reedus Cast Speculation Explained

A new listing has fans confused, seemingly casting The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus in the part of Aunt May for Venom 3
The upcoming Venom 3 - which is set to round out the Sony Spider-Man Universe"s jam-packed 2024 - will bring a whole swath of new actors joining the franchise alongside star Tom Hardy. 
While their exact roles are currently unknown, the likes of Juno Temple (Ted Lasso) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange) join the Venom series for the trilogy closer, making the upcoming blockbuster one of the most star-studded affairs in SSMU history.
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The Norman Reedus Venom 3 Mix-Up MarvelA bizarre casting listing for Venom 3 made waves, as fans had to grapple with the idea of Norman Reedus playing Spider-Man matriarch Aunt May. 
As spotted by The Hollywood Handle on X (formerly Twitter), the Google cast listing for the upcoming web-slinging blockbuster listed Norman Reedus as a part of the cast alongside the role of Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei in the MCU). 
The screengrab has since gone viral with fans scratching their heads over the bizarre piece of supposed casting news. 
Reedus" inclusion in the Venom 3 cast has since been removed from the Google page, and no confirmation of the Walking Dead actor"s involvement in the film has been made public. 
While things could change, it seems highly unlikely Reedus will be playing the iconic Marvel Comics character in Tom Hardy"s third Venom outing, most evidently because the character is traditionally portrayed as a grandmotherly old woman across her over 60 years of comic history. 
That is not to say Reedus will not appear in the movie. Nothing has been publicly announced about the actor joining the movie, but it could happen. 
However, this is likely simply a mishap on Google"s part. The search engine"s cast listings have been wrong before, as it combs the internet for names attached to various projects to put together its on-site cast lists. 
Is Norman Reedus Actually In Venom 3?While Norman Reedus playing Aunt May can be debunked as false, that does not mean it is an impossibility the actor is involved in Venom 3 in some way. 
With production on the Venom threequel currently ongoing, one would have assumed if the Walking Dead star were to be involved, it would have come out by now. 
Sony Pictures has made a big deal about some of the new faces joining the symbiotic threequel. 
If Reedus were to be on board, then why would the studio take a victory lap about having such an A-list talent within its ranks? 
Of course, there is always the chance Reedus is in the movie as a secret character, setting up a Venom-sized surprise for the film. 
But, at the time of writing, it seems unlikely the actor is in the film, simply because this Google listing was the first anyone had heard Reedus" name connected to Venom 3
Reedus has circled the comic book world for years at this point, with his name constantly attached to the Marvel character, Ghost Rider. 
It would be a bit of a surprise for him to make his way over to the Sony Spider-Man Universe considering the "will they, won"t they" dance he has seemingly been doing with Marvel Studios and the MCU for quite some time. 
Venom 3 is set to hit theaters on November 8. 
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