X-Men Movie Star Reveals Cancelled Plans For His Mutant Character 14 Years After Marvel Appearance

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  • Kevin Durand states there were plans for him reprise his role as The Blob in a later Wolverine movie.
  • Hugh Jackman envisioned The Blob becoming a sumo wrestling champion in Japan.
  • Unfortunately, the planned return of The Blob in The Wolverine did not come to fruition.
One of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine characters was supposed to be back for one of Hugh Jackman's later Marvel projects.
In an interview with Comic Book, Kevin Durand, who played The Blob as part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, opened up on how he was set to return as the Marvel mutant in The Wolverine, sharing the following:
I really should be because I remember when we were doing the scenes in Wolverine, he just kept saying 'You're going to end up with your own movie,' and he really wanted me to come back and do the next Wolverine and The Blob was going to be the sumo wrestling champion in Japan when he goes to Tokyo but it never panned out.
Source: Comic Book


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