Deadpool & Wolverine Is Finally Allowed To Canonize The 8 Year Old Cameo Deadpool Couldn"t

  • Thanks to its multiversal plot, Deadpool & Wolverine can feature a version of Hydra Bob whose backstory actually includes the MCU's Hydra.
  • Hydra Bob previously made a cameo appearance in 2016's Deadpool, where his Hydra background was ignored due to licensing issues.
  • Deadpool's subtle hints at the MCU can now be paid off with Wade Wilson's first story within the MCU multiverse.
Deadpool's first MCU crossover character is now able to confirm his true origin in Deadpool & Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds' cinematic journey as Deadpool started in a very different place, with his debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine skipping most of the qualities that make Wade Wilson a unique and memorable character. Deadpool corrected those issues a few years later, and by Deadpool 2's post-credits scene, Wade Wilson was already messing with time travel. Fifteen years after his live-action debut, Shawn Levy's Deadpool & Wolverine sends Deadpool on an epic adventure involving Wolverine, the Time Variance Authority, and the MCU multiverse.
Deadpool & Wolverine may not be the end of the journey for Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson, but it does culminate a long wait for him and for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Not only will Deadpool & Wolverine's titular characters wear their classic suits while fighting side by side, but they will also interact with an expansive multiverse filled with characters from the X-Men franchise and the MCU. This historic crossover could include cameos by X-Men and Avengers characters, but also by minor characters most viewers wouldn't expect.
Deadpool & Wolverine Can Finally Confirm Hydra Bob Deadpool & Wolverine's Multiversal Plot Allows Hydra Bob To Acknowledge His MCU Connection Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala In 2016's Deadpool, Wade Wilson seeks Francis to exact revenge for his cruel experiments. To reach the villain, Deadpool slices through a horde of the villain's henchmen. At one point, Deadpool "teabags" and gets ready to behead one of the henchmen, but stops when he realizes that the man is his old friend Bob. Bob is clearly Deadpool's loyal friend from the comics, Bob Dobalina a.k.a. Hydra Bob. However, the studio wasn't able to use Hydra Bob's full identity, as the live-action adaptation rights to Hydra and all its explicitly related characters belong to Marvel Studios.
Deadpool & Wolverine could see Wade Wilson accidentally come across an MCU version of Bob who actually worked for Hydra.
Now that Marvel Studios can use any mutant-related character thanks to Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Hydra Bob can make another cameo in Deadpool & Wolverine and reveal his real backstory. The most practical way to give Hydra Bob his proper Hydra origin is by introducing a new variant through the multiverse. Similar to Deadpool's final battle sequence, Deadpool & Wolverine could see Wade Wilson accidentally come across an MCU version of Bob who actually worked for Hydra, possibly during an action scene in the Void.
The TVA provides another possible scenario for Hydra Bob: he could appear as a TVA agent who was a Hydra soldier in his original timeline before being recruited.
Deadpool & Wolverine Is Living Up To Several Franchise Teases Deadpool And Deadpool 2 Alluded To The MCU and Other X-Men Movies Close While the first two Deadpool movies worked as standalone installments, they hid a few references to the X-Men movies and the MCU that can only be exploited now that Deadpool is exploring the MCU multiverse. Bob nearly tied into the MCU's Hydra, and the unnamed aircraft in Deadpool's ending nearly tied into SHIELD's remaining helicarriers. On the other hand, Deadpool's nods to the real Hugh Jackman are finally receiving their due payoff with Jackman's Wolverine return. Likewise, Deadpool's failed attempts to contact the X-Men could be revisited with Deadpool & Wolverine's potential barrage of mutant cameos.
Deadpool Deadpool 2 The Merc With the Mouth returns in Deadpool 2, "the sequel to the first one." Wade Wilson finds himself alone and without purpose until he reluctantly agrees to join the X-Men. Things take a turn for the strange when Wade finds himself in prison after trying to help a young mutant named Russell, and a time-traveling mutant cyborg arrives to slay Russell to save the future. Determined to save Russell and do the right thing, Wade creates a new team of heroes to fight back and save the world the only way Deadpool knows how - as ridiculously as possible.
Deadpool & Wolverine A sequel to the highly successful Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. The third film will be the first film in the franchise to be developed under the Marvel Studios banner following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds is returning to play the character, alongside Hugh Jackman, reprising his Wolverine role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. 


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