1 Dark Confirmed Detail Makes Storm"s New X-Men Costume Infinitely Cooler

X-Men '97 has not only integrated the original 1990s series into the MCU canon but it has also significantly contributed to the evolution of fan-favorite characters like Storm, who just received a major costume update in X-Men '97 Episode 6. Storm went through a major existential arc early on in the revival series when the Omega-level mutant lost her powers in a surprise attack by the X-Cutitioner. Since then, Storm left the Xavier Mansion and crossed paths with Forge who wishes to help her regain her weather-manipulating powers. Episode 6, in this sense, marked a watershed moment in her arc.
After achieving control over the demonic supervillain known as the Adversary, the “Mistress of the Elements” managed to regain her powers in X-Men '97. With a newfound confidence, Storm also displays an all-new costume that is bound to delight diehard comic book fans. Early on in X-Men: The Animated Series, Storm used to sport her wavy silver-white hair along with a similarly silvery costume, somewhat reminiscent of artist Jim Lee’s visual style in 90s-era X-Men comics. In X-Men '97, Storm retained the costume but chose a mohawk hairstyle instead. Now, she has an all-new look in a classic black costume.
Related X-Men '97 Episode 6 Ending Explained X-Men ’97 episode 6 followed on from episode 5’s cliffhanger, continuing the story of two key mutants that culminated in an exciting ending. X-Men '97's Creator Confirmed An Incredible Storm Costume Theory The Adversary Has A Role To Play In Storm’s Costume Change Close Right after defeating the Adversary Storm flies gloriously with a new black costume with golden borders, a cape, and a crown. The black costume is a nod to her 1975 debut in Giant Size X-Men #1. Now, creator and executive producer Beau DeMayo has confirmed on X that this wardrobe change isn’t just an Easter Egg but a result of Storm’s victory over Adversary. It was X-Men fan and X user Bruno Mell who tweeted a theory suggesting that Storm created her costume out of the black feathers of the demonic villain, literally “wearing her demon’s skin” in this process.
To support his argument further, Mell also recalled Storm’s words while healing Forge, "What are demons but reflection of our fears and shame? Things we bury within us... until we finally heal our adversary by embracing it". DeMayo confirmed this theory by replying, “You win a no-prize!”. Storm creating her new costume from the remains of the Adversary is a poetic symbol of her victory while also showing how the heroes of X-Men '97 must always deal with their past demons. For instance, Jean Grey still struggles with Madelyn Pryor replacing her while Rogue’s past romance with Magneto haunts her.
Storm's New Costume Is Her Coolest Ever On Screen A Royal Look Combines With A Dark Backstory Close In both Marvel comics, the Fox X-Men movies and the original X-Men: The Animated Series, Storm has always been a fashion icon in the team. While the rest of her team-members relied on bright, primary shades like blue, red, and yellow, Storm opted for a metallic silver bodysuit. Even her choice of cape was unique when compared to other cowled characters like Magneto. The dual-cape that was joined from her wrists to her back allowed her to glide along the high winds.
Storm voice actress Alison Sealy-Smith also voiced the Adversary in X-Men '97.
Her new costume in X-Men '97 retains the dual-cape design but offers a more regal look with golden bracelets and a crown headpiece. The royal look goes well with her origins as a Kenyan princess and a wind goddess. X-Men '97 reinvents the character by going back to her roots. The fact that this costume springs out of the Adversary’s remains also gives the costume an interesting backstory. The thigh-high boots and the headpiece make her look all the more distinct from other Marvel mutants.
There's absolutely a grim note to the fact that she's wearing her villain's corpse, effectively, but it is an incredible statement of what she overcomes to regain her powers. The Adversary is a terrifying villain, and puts Storm through a lot as she is forced to examine her very identity and relationships with the X-Men. To symbolically cast off those fears, and wear the new costume as a trophy of that victory is incredibly cool, and one of X-Men '97's most interesting decisions.
X-Men '97
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