Disney+'s X-Men Reboot Reviews: Critics Share Strong First Reactions

Ahead of the two-episode series premiere on Wednesday, March 20, the first critic reactions to Disney+"s X-Men "97 have proven strong.
The mutant-centric series from Marvel Animation marks a reboot of the iconic X-Men: The Animation Series which aired its five seasons from 1992 to 1997.
The original X-Men: The Animated Series is renowned by fans as one of the best and most nostalgic Marvel adaptations of all time, holding an impressive 92% audience score and 83% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
First Reviews for Disney+"s X-Men "97 MarvelUnder a week before X-Men "97"s premiere, select critics were able to preview the first three episodes of the Disney+ reboot, and they had some great things to say.
Tessa Smith from Mama"s Geeky was "overwhelmed... with emotion" and "brought... to tears" by the preview chapters, adding how the storylines and characters were "done perfectly:"
"To me, my X-Men! To have this series back has overwhelmed me with emotion. I"ve seen the first 3 episodes & each one brought me to tears. So many characters & storylines done PERFECTLY! I love having this team back. For those nervous, don"t be... this show is incredible."
Fresh off a rewatch of X-Men: The Animated Series, The Reel Rejects" Greg Alba exclaimed how the series continues to be "how you remember" from the original:
"After rewatching the original "xmen" animated series and now the first couple episodes of "X-Men "97" - I can honestly say the series is fantastic! It"s how you remember, preserving the characters & themes, yet evolved with a more cinematic touch and beautiful action scenes."
The Direct"s own Russ Milheim noted how he "enjoyed the updated animation style" and fans of the classic series will be "very happy with it:"
"just saw the first three episodes of "X-Men "97," and I can confidently say that fans of the original "X-Men Animated series" will be very happy with it. 
I also really enjoyed the updated animation style. 
It’ll be great to have the X-Men back in the spotlight!"
POC Culture called X-Men "97 "nostalgia handled perfectly" and curiously called it "surprisingly... sexy:"
"I got to see 3 episodes of "X-MEN "97" & it is nostalgia handled perfectly!
The action & use of powers are awesome & creative, it’s pleasantly hilarious & surprisingly…sexy??? 
This is a show for both OG & new fans! The X Men are BACK!"
ComicBook"s Jamie Jirak called the three episodes "absolutely epic" and added how it has plenty of the drama expected from the X-Men:
"The first three episodes of "X-Men "97" are absolutely epic. It exceeds expectations in every way. The nostalgia is strong, but it"s so much more. Beautiful animation, excellent storytelling, and above all - my favorite thing about the X-Men - THE DRAAAMAAAAA!"
X-Men "97 will premiere its first two episodes on Wednesday, March 20.
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