LEGO Marvel 2024 - 9 Sets Expected to Release This Summer

LEGO is expected to release a variety of new Marvel sets this summer, spanning the best of the MCU and beyond.
Marvel has played a major role in the brick-based manufacturer"s portfolio over the years, which continued into 2024 with a packed winter wave of sets that included the much-anticipated X-Jet based on X-Men "97.
To match LEGO"s killer upcoming Star Wars wave, new information has surfaced about what the Marvel theme has in store later in the year.
9 LEGO Marvel Sets Releasing in Summer 2024As reported by Instagram user Brick Clicker, new rumors provided details on upcoming LEGO sets based on the Marvel universe that will hit store shelves this summer.
The wave looks to be heavily MCU-centric, focusing primarily on iconic moments from the Infinity Saga.
Besides the upcoming Marvel-themed advent calendar, the sets will all launch on August 1.
76286: The Milano Marvel StudiosWith the Guardians of the Galaxy"s Benatar from Avengers: Infinity War getting a revamped set in 2021, it was only natural that the original Milano would get the same treatment.
Not only will the set feature a hyper-detailed version of the iconic M-class starship, but it will also include a display stand to optimally position the craft and an interior to pose the Guardians to buyers" liking.
Speaking of, minifigures for Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, a molded Baby Groot piece, and a gray version of Drax will all come with the 2090 piece set. Fans will be able to pick this Moonage Daydream up for $169.99.
76287: Iron Man vs. Hulk Marvel StudiosIron Man vs. Hulk will skew toward a younger audience as part of the theme"s 4+ range, retailing for $10.99 and including 68 pieces.
The set will come with minifigures for the two Avengers, as well as a motorbike for Tony to ride and a small street for Hulk to tear up.
76288: Iron Legion Battle Pack Marvel StudiosAfter years of LEGO Star Wars being the home for battle packs, the Marvel side is finally getting its own spin on sets intended for army-building.
Coming with Iron Man, two Iron Legion androids from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a HYDRA agent, the set will cost $24.99 and come with 135 pieces
While intended as peacekeeping androids meant for crowd control in the second Avengers movie, these Iron Legion bots will lay siege against a small HYDRA base fitted with shooters.
76289: Surtur Battle Marvel StudiosA set with limited details is Surtur Battle, which will be based on one of the fights against the lord of Muspelheim from Thor: Ragnarok
Retailing for $24.99 and 245 pieces, the set comes with two unknown minifigures and a buildable Surtur model.
76290: Avengers vs. Loki & Leviathan Marvel StudiosComing in at $59.99 with 347 pieces is Avengers vs. Loki & Leviathan, which puts The Avengers in center stage.
The set will come packed with a model of a Leviathan very similar to the one featured in the record-breaking Avengers Tower, essentially serving as a companion model to that set.
A few minifigures are also included, comprising Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Loki, and a Chitauri warrior.
76291: The Avengers Assemble: Age of Ultron Marvel StudiosThe Avengers Assemble: Age of Ultron set will spotlight the opening scene of the second Avengers movie, set against a snowy landscape that can be rearranged depending on whether fans want to display the model or play around with the set"s features.
All six original Avengers are included, with Thor even getting a new plastic cape, as well as three agents of HYDRA to take down. 
Unfortunately, this one will not contain an updated version of Aaron Taylor-Johnson"s Quicksilver as previous rumors suggested, which is especially disappointing to some fans since the hero hasn"t come in minifigure form since the Avengers sequel came out in 2015.
A jeep is also included to house the non-powered members of Earth"s Mightiest Heroes, will come with 613 pieces, and will retail for $109.99.
76293: Spider-Man Advent Calendar Sony PicturesFollowing on from LEGO"s strategy from prior years, a new Marvel advent calendar will be released in September. Past calendars have been themed around the Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, but 2024"s set will be solely focused on everyone"s favorite webhead.
To keep in line with the Spider-Man focus, the set will include Peter Parker"s wallcrawler, Gwen Stacy"s Ghost Spider, Miles Morales, and two villains ready to ruin Christmas in the form of Venom and Green Goblin.
Also included is an exclusive snowman, who has a head shaped like Spider-Ham. Altogether, the advent calendar will come with 246 pieces and will retail for $44.99.
76295: Midiscale Helicarrier Marvel StudiosTaking a page out of one of the best LEGO Star Wars sets from last year, the Marvel theme is getting a buildable Helicarrier in the style of the Super Star Destroyer set from 2023.
The model will portray the iconic SHIELD aircraft carrier in a bitesize, 509-piece form factor ready to sit nicely on buyers" desks, and will retail for $59.99.
76297 Dancing Potted Groot Marvel StudiosLEGO has produced a few buildable Baby Groot sets, one focused on his regular form and another being a Venomized variant of the adorable sequoia.
This one will depict an even younger version of the character, being modeled after his appearance at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy where he dances right under Drax"s nose.
Coming with 459 pieces and costing $59.99 to purchase, the model will include a spinning handle that will cause Groot to groove as he does in the movie. With the set also coming with detachable headphones, all it needs now is some Jackson 5 to boogie to.
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