Steven Spielberg"s Lost Comic Book Movie Is More Painful Thanks To His $500m War Epic

  • Spielberg's interest in a DC comic movie focused on the WWII military unit, the Blackhawk Squadron, could have been special.
  • The director has a successful record with war-set projects, like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers.
  • Spielberg almost made a DC movie twice, with plans for a Blackhawks film in the 1980s and 2018.
One of Steven Spielberg's best movies makes the loss of his planned DC film even more painful. There have been some truly special directors in the comic book movie realm. However, few stand close to the Hollywood legend that is Spielberg. The director has helmed some of the most influential films of all time, with Spielberg's best movies including both one-offs and exciting franchise work. The director is one of few who can do an outstanding job on either more personal tales or expansive blockbusters.
Spielberg's filmography includes some impressive franchises. The director helmed films such as Jaws, the first two Jurassic Park entries, multiple Indiana Jones films, Ready Player One, and more. However, among all the blockbusters Spielberg has directed, a comic book movie is still to appear. While auteur directors do not usually tend to comic book fare, Spielberg has tried to get his own comic book film off the ground at DC for a long time, and one of his best movies shows how the lost DC film would have been amazing.


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