Superman"s Best Movie Was Only Possible Thanks To A 3-Time Oscar Winning Gangster Movie

  • Mario Puzo's involvement in the 1978 Superman movie was crucial, paving the way for its success in the then-unproven superhero genre.
  • The connection between The Godfather and Superman adds a cool factor, as both films explore themes of justice and morality in different ways.
  • The star power of actors like Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman, combined with Puzo's script, gave Superman a sense of pathos and weight that still resonates today.
The creation and success of the 1978 Superman movie is owed in part to one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed mafia movies of all time. Some 46 years after the debut of the original Superman movie, the cinematic landscape - especially when it comes to the matter of superhero movies - is decidedly different. With upcoming DC movies about the likes of Batman or Superman being almost a given at this point in history, the matter of how the genre took off is naturally the subject of considerable interest.
This is especially true for the 1978 Superman film, both because of its status as the first ever Man Of Steel movie, and because it was one of the first steps towards the colossal success the genre would see in the coming decades. With the movie even making it into the National Film Registry in the Library Of Congress - a place afforded only to the most significant movies of years passed - it's clear the release only looks more noteworthy the more time passes, making the fact it was made possible thanks to one epic crime movie all the more eye-catching.


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