25 Major 80s Stars Gets As Imagined As Justice League Heroes & Villains In DC Cast Concept Trailer

  • Imagine an 80s Justice League with Harrison Ford as Batman and Geena Davis as Mera in a new DC Universe concept trailer.
  • The Justice League fan trailer explores an alternate superhero landscape, featuring John Travolta as Superman and Kurt Russell as Hawkman.
  • Before interconnected universes, 1980s actors like Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman took on comic book roles in DC and Marvel films.
Iconic 1980s actors join forces as several Justice League heroes and villains in a new DC Universe concept trailer. The superhero and comic book films may be big in today's Hollywood culture, but before the 2000s era, studios were very cautious with investing time and money into franchises like the DCEU movie timeline and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This more reserved approach naturally raises the question of what the superhero genre could have looked like pre-2000s if there had been interconnected universes for either DC or Marvel.
While there were a handful of DC movies in the 1980s and the 1990s, Stryder HD shared a new concept trailer for a very different DC Universe, that explored what the superhero landscape could've been like had casting for a Justice League movie happened in the 80s. The Justice League fan trailer also pitches various 1980s actors as some iconic DC Comics villains.
The Justice League concept teaser explores what heroes would be part of the ideal line-up, as well as many of their supporting characters. Some of the actors brought up in the video did end up landing big DC and Marvel roles, like Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent in Man of Steel, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight trilogy, and Wesley Snipes as the first live-action Blade.
John Travolta
Harrison Ford
Mia Sara
Wonder Woman
Tom Cruise
The Flash
Dennis Quaid
Kevin Costner
Green Arrow
David Hasselhoff
Mel Gibson
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Wesley Snipes
John Stewart/Green Lantern
Morgan Freeman
Martian Manhunter
Ernie Hudson
Diane Lane
Keanu Reeves
Rob Lowe
Tim Drake/Robin
Kurt Russell
Geena Davis
Carrie Fisher
Lois Lane
Peter Cushing
Alfred Pennyworth
Keith David
Willem Dafoe
Peter Weller
Lex Luthor
Yul Brynner
Tim Curry
Arnold Vosloo
Black Adam
Arnold Schwarzenegger


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