2 Years Later, I"m Still Not Over The Batgirl Movie"s Cancellation Taking Away A Perfect Batsuit

  • The Batgirl movie with Leslie Grace had promising costumes and directors, but was cancelled due to test screenings and Warner Bros' changing theatrical focus.
  • Grace's comic-accurate Batgirl suits, one with leather jacket and another armored, provided a fresh and realistic take on the hero.
  • Batgirl costume's grounded approach contrasts VFX-heavy superhero suits, offering a practical and stealthy design for the Gotham hero.
The Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace was canceled in 2022, but the unrealized DC project undoubtedly had a promising costume for its titular heroine. With the duo Adil & Bilal signed on as directors, Batgirl was confirmed as an HBO Max original in 2021 with even Batman actor Michael Keaton slated to reprise his role. However, Warner Bros later canceled Batgirl, with the decision being attributed to underwhelming test screenings and an increasing focus on theatrical event-style films. A lot has changed since Batgirl’s cancelation, including the DC Extended Universe timeline ending with polarizing projects such as The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
Since then, the revamped DC Universe anticipates a major makeover with film and TV reboots. While it’s uncertain if Batgirl will be a part of James Gunn’s Gods and Monsters chapter in the new DC pantheon, some elements from the canceled Batgirl movie can be revisited. Grace’s costume, for starters, was a comic-accurate suit, retaining Barbara Gordon’s iconic purple-and-yellow costume from the comics. While the yellow bat symbol has largely remained unchanged, Batgirl has often shifted between black and purple suits. The latter is immortalized in the 1960s Batman TV series and comics like The New 52 and Fear State.


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