The Batman 2"s Rumored Villain Creates A Problem For Robert Pattinson"s DC Hero That Would Be Difficult To Fix

  • The rumored villain for The Batman - Part II - Clayface - could pose a problem for the movie's realism and tone.
  • Toning down Clayface's more fantastical elements from DC Comics may be more challenging than it was for The Riddler in the first film.
  • There are ways to make Clayface work as the villain, either by adapting his earlier versions or by taking a horror-based approach. The script for The Batman - Part II is still in progress, and more information is expected to be revealed in the future.
The rumored villain for The Batman - Part II could cause an issue for the movie that would be difficult to rectify. The sequel to 2022's The Batman was officially confirmed by James Gunn in January 2023 as one of the many upcoming DC movies. While Gunn announced the film, it was made clear that The Batman - Part II will be an Elseworlds property meaning it takes place in its own separate continuity from the mainline DCU.
Since the film's announcement, theories have been concocted based on The Batman - Part II's story and cast. Little has been revealed thus far, though characters like Batman and Catwoman from the first film are expected to return. Concerning what other DC characters The Batman - Part II will include, the more prevalent theories have centered around the film's potential villains. From Barry Keoghan's potential return as The Joker to DC characters like Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owls, The Batman - Part II has several rumored villains, one of whom could cause an issue that is hard to fix.


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