David Corenswet"s Superman Goes Evil In New DC Universe Art

  • David Corenswet becomes two versions of evil Superman in concept art based around James Gunn's 2025 Superman movie.
  • Horrific Heroics shared artwork depicting Corenswet as Bizarro and Ultraman, exploring alternative versions of Superman.
  • Despite debunking villain theories, Gunn's Superman may still bring in foes like Bizarro as the DC Universe evolves.
David Corenswet is imagined as two of DC Comics' most famous versions of evil Superman for James Gunn's DC Universe. The next cinematic version of the Man of Steel is on its way as Corenswet's Superman movie will be flying into theaters in 2025. Set to focus on a younger version of Superman, Gunn's movie will be the first film to come out of Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters."
While Gunn's Superman movie is still in production, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about Corenswet's movie. As the world keeps speculating, Horrific Heroics shared two DC Universe artwork pieces of Corenswet as alternative versions of the Man of Tomorrow.
The first piece by Horrific Heroics shows what Corenswet could potentially look like as Bizarro, best known to DC readers as a failed clone or mirror version of Superman. While Bizarro has not been depicted on the big screen yet, he has appeared in numerous live-action Superman TV shows, including Smallville and Superman & Lois.
The other pitch from Horrific Heroics shows Corenswet as Ultraman, who is Superman's doppelganger from Earth-3, and one of the founding members of the Crime Syndicate of America. Ultraman made his live-action debut in Smallville season 10, with Tom Welling playing him, going by Clark Luthor from Earth-2, which despite its number designation, was meant to be the TV show's take on Earth-3.


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