Superman Vs Homelander: Antony Starr Has Best Response To Who Would Win

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  • Homelander actor Antony Starr believes his Boys character would beat Superman in a fight due to being ruthless and dirty.
  • Starr thinks Homelander's lack of moral restraint would give him an edge over Superman, who prioritizes protecting innocents.
  • The Boys season 4 premieres on June 13 on Prime Video, offering fans a chance to see Homelander's brutal tactics in action.
The Boys' Homelander actor Antony Starr follows up on Jack Quaid's comments about his version of the Man of Steel from My Adventures with Superman being able to take him down in a DC/Wildstorm crossover.
Screen Rant recently interviewed Quaid about My Adventures with Superman season 2, where he was asked if his Superman could take down Homelander on The Boys at some point. As Quaid claimed to be the case, Screen Rant also interviewed Starr ahead of The Boys season 4, asking how he thinks a Homelander vs Superman fight would go down, as the New Zealand actor gave the following response:
Antony Starr: Oh, really? Is that what he thinks? Here's why Homelander would kick Superman's ass. There's no Kryptonite factor, and Homie would fight so dirty. He's the [type to go], "Oh, you got me!" as he goes down and then comes up and throws sand in your eyes. He's the dirty dude, man. Whereas Superman is always like, "Oh, I wouldn't do that. Oh, there's innocent children that might get hurt." Homie's going to human shield himself with the kids.
The Boys season 4 premieres with the first three episodes on June 13, only on Prime Video.


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