Batman Begins Cast - Where Are They Now?

  • Christian Bale's dedication to embodying Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins with a 100-pound weight gain showcased his commitment to the role.
  • Michael Caine, despite retiring from acting at 91, maintained a close working relationship with Christopher Nolan post-Batman Begins.
  • Cillian Murphy's impressive career post-Batman Begins includes roles in Nolan's films and his significant impact in the cinematic world.
Batman Begins is nearly 20 years old, which begs the question of where the cast that helped create this seminal DC movie is now. Batman Begins was released in 2005 and helped reinvent the image of Batman and superhero movies generally. The Batman movie franchise of the 1980s and 90s painted a pretty campy picture of the Caped Crusader, whose more iconic depiction as a dark and brooding vigilante was better served by Christopher Nolan and his more mature take on the character.
While the likes of Spider-Man and Fox's X-Men movies would kickstart the superhero genre as we know it, Batman Begins began a trend that would see DC movies, in particular, attempt to emulate its darker tones. While the best Batman movie accolade is more likely to be bestowed on its sequel, Batman Begins and the cast that brought new spins on longstanding DC Comics characters deserve significant recognition for their efforts. With that in mind, here is where the cast that brought the movie to life is now.


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