Incredible Superman Art Is Exactly What I Wanted From The DCU"s New Suit Reveal

  • The new Superman reveal has sparked mixed reactions, with some fans offering alternative fan edits for David Corenswet's Man of Steel.
  • DC's upcoming movies, starting with Superman, are crucial in building a new expanded universe with a strong foundation for success.
  • Despite some disappointment, James Gunn's approach to depicting Superman offers a different, more relatable perspective on the iconic character.
The DCU's first official reveal of Superman has generated a lot of conversation since James Gunn unveiled it, and inevitably, it's also inspired a raft of fan edits offering alternate takes on David Corenswet's Man of Steel. One recently revealed creation has reminded me of everything I actually wanted from that first DCU look. I've loved Superman since Christopher Reeves' DC movies, and while I'm not conceited enough to believe my opinion overrides creative vision, it's difficult not to acknowledge what was missing.
The first of DC's upcoming movies has a lot riding on it: like Man Of Steel, David Corenswet's new hero has been entrusted as the founding stone of a whole new expanded universe. Millions of dollars will be invested in the promise of creating a cinematic answer to decades of DC comics stories, and a strong start is essential. That's not to cast any doubt, of course: Superman's individual parts look excellent: the cast is eye-catching, to say the least; the story hints are intriguing; and in James Gunn, DC has not only a gifted and proven film-maker, but also a confessed Superman fan.


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