5 Best Candidates For Deadpool"s New Variant Based On The Legs In The New Trailer

  • A Lady Deadpool variant has been teased for "Deadpool & Wolverine", though it's uncertain who's playing her.
  • Taylor Swift is rumored to have a potential MCU debut in Deadpool & Wolverine, with Dazzler theories perhaps being traded in favor of Lady Deadpool.
  • Blake Lively as Lady Deadpool could add some fun meta-dynamics to the film, playing off her real-life marriage to Ryan Reynolds.
The newest teaser trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine features a pair of legs, though the identity of who they belong to remains to be seen. While this is likely a tease for a Lady Deadpool variant that's been rumored for the MCU's next multiversal movie alongside a collection of different alternate Deadpools, nothing has been confirmed as to who is playing this new variant. That said, there are some very exciting theories.
In the new Best Friends Day Deadpool & Wolverine teaser, new shots from the upcoming movie were revealed. This includes Deadpool and Wolverine traveling through the MCU's Void at The End of Time in a van. However, there's also a pair of legs that appear to be wearing a more feminine version of Deadpool's suit. To that end, the Internet has been buzzing over who could be playing Lady Deadpool. Here are the five best candidates for Deadpool 3's upcoming Lady Deadpool variant who will likely join the already confirmed Dogpool (as well as the rumored Kid Pool and Head Pool).
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Deadpool & Wolverine Could Be Making The Taylor Swift MCU Debut Rumors A Reality Forget About Those Dazzler Theories Close More than any other rumored cameo appearance in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, Taylor Swift has been the primary topic of conversation for many MCU and Swiftie fans alike. There are some compelling points of "evidence" that do point to the mega pop star's potential appearance in the MCU film. Firstly, Swift is good friends with both Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively. Likewise, Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Deadpool & Wolverine's director Shawn Levy were all invited to watch a Kansas City Chief's game with Swift in 2023.
Humorously, Swift herself once borrowed Reynolds' actual Deadpool suit for Halloween, and both her cats made quasi-cameos in Deadpool 2, having been printed on a shirt worn by Wade Wilson when he was living in the X-Mansion. Although nothing has been confirmed regarding Swift's rumored cameo, a perfect role has already been picked out for her by fans: Alison Blaire aka Dazzler. In the comics, Dazzler is a mutant in the Marvel Universe who just so happens to be a major pop star as well.
Also, a recent Taylor Swift song from The Tortured Poets Department, "Clara Bow", does feature the recurring lyric "dazzling", another possible clue for hopeful fans that Swift could indeed be playing Dazzler. However, putting all the circumstantial evidence and Dazzler theories aside (which could very well lead to nothing), perhaps Swift could be playing Lady Deadpool instead. Playing a variant of Deadpool himself would be just as exciting. Likewise, it could also serve as a sort of meta-reference to when Swift wore Reynolds' costume for Halloween back in 2016.
Blake Lively As Lady Deadpool Would Be A Perfect Casting & Nod To Real Life Ryan Reynolds' Wife Close Blake Lively is also another top contender for Deadpool & Wolverine's Lady Deadpool. Not only is she a very accomplished and popular actress in her own right, but she's also Reynolds' wife in real life. As such, this would be another way in which Lady Deadpool's casting could have some great meta dynamics, while also providing some very creative hilarity between the husband and wife sharing not only the screen together but also versions of the same character.
Additionally, Reynolds and Lively first met while filming 2011's Green Lantern, something Reynolds himself has cited as the only good thing that came from the widely panned DC film. Since then, Lively and Reynolds have not shared the screen aside from Lively having an animated voice role in John Krasinki's IF which stars Reynolds alongside a wide cast of animated characters. To that end, Lively playing Lady Deadpool in Deadpool & Wolverine could be a very exciting way to bring the husband and wife together on-screen again (though this time in a Marvel superhero movie).
Elektra Is Scheduled For A Deadpool & Wolverine Return She Also Wears Red and Black Close One of the few confirmed cameos for Deadpool & Wolverine is Jennifer Garner who will be reprising her role as Elektra. Garner first played Marvel's Elektra Natchios in 2003's Daredevil alongside Ben Affleck who played Matt Murdock. Likewise, Garner would then go on to play Elektra in her own spin-off which was released in 2005. Now, it looks as though Jennifer Garner is set to return to the role thanks to Deadpool & Wolverine, likely tying into the teases that all the timelines and superhero realities that came from 20th Century Fox are set to meet their end.
To that end, perhaps Deadpool & Wolverine's "legs" tease could be connected to Garner's Elektra. After all, red and black are parts of the character's core aesthetic. Although the suit and boots look like Deadpool's, perhaps Elektra will have to make do with what she can find in the MCU's Void at the End of Time. It would be pretty creative if the live-action "Lady Deadpool" variant was really just Garner's Elektra who ends up stealing Reynolds' suit at some point in the upcoming MCU movie.
Deadpool & Wolverine Theories Could Make Vanessa An Alternate Universe Deadpool Coming From An Alternate Deadpool 2 Timeline Close There is an interesting theory that the Lady Deadpool variant could end up being an alternate reality version of Vanessa, Wade Wilson's former fiancé and primary love interest as seen in the first two Deadpool films. Played by Morena Baccarin, Vanessa was murdered at the beginning of Deadpool 2. This resulted in Wade Wilson's unsuccessful attempts to try and kill himself before trying his hand at becoming more of a hero.
However, the end of Deadpool 2 features Wade stealing Cable's time travel device. He subsequently makes a series of major timeline edits including the saving of both Vanessa and X-Force from their respective deaths seen earlier in the film. Deadpool also kills his universally hated Weapon XI variant seen in 2009's X-Men: Origins as well as shoots Ryan Reynolds right in the head before he can sign on to play Hal Jordan for DC's Green Lantern film.
At the very least, it seems as though saving Vanessa and X-Force seems to have stuck given their appearances in Deadpool & Wolverine's trailers, though this is likely what put Wade Wilson's Deadpool on the TVA's radar. Regardless, it does look as though Wade and Vanessa are no longer together. Keeping that in mind, Lady Deadpool being a version of Vanessa from a reality where Wade was the one who was murdered could prove very interesting. It could even allow Wade to continue dealing with his complicated relationship even as his Vanessa is likely still back in the original timeline he's trying to save.
Deadpool & Wolverine's Leg Shot Could Be Its Best Fakeout Maybe It's Just Ryan Reynolds? Close It's also quite possible that Lady Deadpool could be played by Ryan Reynolds himself. After all, set photos have revealed that there will likely be a "Handsome Deadpool" variant which is just Reynolds with a man-bun and none of Wade Wilson's typical facial scarring that came from his triggered X-gene in the first Deadpool film. It would certainly be a major fakeout, which could be incredibly humorous with the right execution. One could easily imagine the pan-up from the seemingly feminine legs as expectations build for someone like Swift or Lively, only for it to be just be another version of Ryan Reynolds.
While the candidates above would all be quite good and very exciting, it's just as possible that Lady Deadpool could be played by someone else entirely when the MCU movie releases in July. Regardless, it should be very exciting to see how Lady Deadpool is utilized in Deadpool & Wolverine. In the comics, Wanda Wison's Lady Deadpool debuted alongside the greater Deadpool Corps, and rumors suggest that the same will also happen in live-action.
Dogpool is already confirmed for Deadpool & Wolverine, having been featured in multiple trailers and promos, and the variants known as Kidpool and Headpool have been teased as well through merchandise teases. Many are hoping that Kidpool will be played by Percy Jackson's Walker Scobell who played a young version of Reynolds' character in Levy's The Adam Project, while other theories suggest Headpool will be the decapitated head of Weapon XI from X-Men Origins. Combined with this new Lady Deadpool tease, it's going to be very exciting to see how the entire live-action Deadpool Corps comes together, providing Wade Wilson his very own No Way Home moment.
Deadpool & Wolverine is set to release July 26th from Marvel Studios.
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