DC"s New Harley Quinn Is Fixing The Problem The DCEU Admitted It Made

  • Batman: Caped Crusader introduces a fresh take on Harley Quinn, separate from her usual connection to the Joker.
  • Harley Quinn's new origin in the animated series gives her more agency away from the Joker's influence, similar to Harley's character arc in the DCEU.
  • The decision to focus on Harley Quinn's independent narrative in the show could inspire future projects to explore her character even further.
DC's Batman: Caped Crusader animated show introduces a brand-new version of Harley Quinn that builds upon some of the DCEU's ideas. DC's 2024 series Batman: Caped Crusader features Harley Quinn, who made her debut in Paul Dini and Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series, released more than three decades before DC's new animated Batman show. Harley Quinn was an original character designed to be the Joker's closest ally exclusively in the 1990s show, but her popularity turned her into an A-list Gotham villain across all media.
Batman: Caped Crusader is a new animated series based on DC's Gotham City lore, with the titular Dark Knight facing villains such as Harvey Two-Face, Clayface, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn in a 1940s-era Gotham. Thanks to its vintage aesthetics, the show's heroes and villains sport costumes inspired by their original comic book appearances. For instance, Batman wears short gloves, and Catwoman wears a blue costume with a cape. The character with the most dramatic changes, however, is Harley Quinn.
Batman: Caped Crusader Changes Harley Quinn's Origin DC's New Harley Quinn Isn't Directly Connected To The Joker Batman: Caped Crusader's version of Harley Quinn is very different from all past iterations of the character. Not only is Harleen Quinzel's villain persona much scarier and more serious than usual, but her regular self is also keen on going down a dark path on her own. Unlike almost every other Harley Quinn in the DC multiverse, Batman: Caped Crusader's Harleen Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn without Joker's influence, and she bases her costume and make-up on her own idea of a killer harlequin, not on the idea of a female Joker counterpart.


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