I Know The Perfect Movie For Marvel Fans Waiting For Nicolas Cage"s Spider-Man Return

  • Blending noir elements with superhero genre could make Spider-Man Noir show the most unique superhero adaptation, much in the way Red Rock West merges genres.
  • Nicolas Cage's range shines in the underrated film Red Rock West, showcasing his ability to mix serious and comedic moments.
  • Noir's potential success could help shine light on Red Rock West in the future.
While fans anxiously await Nicolas Cage starring in the live-action television show, Spider-Man Noir, an underrated film of his from the 90s could be the perfect thing to watch in the meantime. Set in its own universe, the upcoming Marvel show will see Cage play a variant of Spider-Man Noir, following his performance as another version of the same character in the Sony film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Officially titled Noir, the upcoming series will be on MGM+ and Amazon Prime.
Noir has the chance to set itself apart from the plethora of existing superhero movie & show adaptations - including the nine comic book adaptations Cage has appeared in - by leaning into the noir elements of the character and blending them together within the superhero genre. Spider-Man Noir isn't the first character Cage has played within the framework of the noir genre, with one of his best (and most underrated) roles a perfect encapsulation of what Noir could strive towards, while also showing Cage's impressive range as an actor.
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Red Rock West Is A Truly Underrated Nicolas Cage Neo-Noir That Pulls Off A Spider-Man Noir-Like Genre Blend Noir will need to succeed at two things. It needs to be a gripping noir tale oozing with atmosphere, while also being an engaging superhero tale that can do justice to an offbeat, interesting character like Spider-Man Noir.
The 1993 film Red Rock West is a fantastic neo-noir western that typically gets lost in the shuffle of Cage's often larger-than-life performances, but has received considerable praise as a part of the actor's expansive career. One of the biggest reasons Red Rock West is a timeless classic is the way it effortlessly blends genres together. The movie is a neo-noir western with distinctive thriller elements found inside it, and its story makes great use of this combination, showing that the noir genre is perfect for blending into other genres.
In a similar vein to Red Rock West, Noir needs to succeed at two things. It needs to be a gripping noir tale oozing with atmosphere, while also being an engaging superhero tale that can do justice to an offbeat, interesting character like Spider-Man Noir. If Noir can pull off blending the noir and superhero genres as well as Red Rock West was able to as a neo-noir western, it could be one of the strongest and most unique superhero adaptations in recent history.
Red Rock West Shows Nicolas Cage's Range Off Well Aside from understanding and executing the genres it's working within to great success, Red Rock West features an impressively underrated performance from Cage. Nicolas Cage is widely known for his over-the-top antics in films, committing 100% to the material he is given, but his acting range is as impressive as his commitment. Red Rock West allows Cage to show that range in his performance, mixing together both serious and comedic moments without ever having either one feel out of place.
Nicolas Cage has already nailed the Spider-Man Noir character in the Spider-Verse franchise, but there is still space left to explore the concept. Being able to move from animation into live action for this adaptation of Spider-Man Noir will give Cage the chance to show off his range more directly, as well as his understanding of how to act within multiple genres in the same film. It's clear Spider-Man Noir's story is in many ways darker than the traditional Peter Parker narrative, meaning a star who is able to infuse emotion and pathos alongside levity in the series is a must-have.
It's a shame that Red Rock West isn't as well known as some of Nicolas Cage's other films, as it provides a more varied look at his acting talents when compared to many more famous Cage movies. However, Noir's potential success could well mean a spotlight is shined more on the movie, based on their similarities. No set date has been announced for Noir yet, which gives fans waiting for Cage's Spider-Man return plenty of time to watch Red Rock West to prepare for it.
Spider-Man Noir Action Spider-Man Noir is an animated television series set in a dark and gritty universe. The show follows the story of Peter Parker, a cynical and violent Spider-Man who lives in a black-and-white world. This darker take on the Spider-Man character is set in the 1930s and features a film noir-inspired aesthetic.
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