10 Perfect DC Roles For Jon Hamm In The New DC Universe

  • Jon Hamm is open to joining the DC Universe, having talks with DC.
  • DC characters Hamm could play include mentors like Jay Garrick, Wildcat, or villains like Sinestro or Darkseid.
  • Hamm could also portray Two-Face or Batman, both roles that would showcase his acting range and talents.
Jon Hamm is still open to joining the DC Universe, and an actor of his caliber could take on some exciting roles in future DCU projects. Hamm is a major comic book fan despite never having been part of a Marvel or DC movie. The actor was at one point set to play Mister Sinister in the X-Men movies — with plans for an appearance at the end of New Mutants that was not filmed — but nothing ever came of it.
Recently, Hamm talked about his Green Lantern rejection. The actor was approached to play Hal Jordan in 2011's Green Lantern, but he passed on the role that eventually went to Ryan Reynolds. Hamm has revealed that he has since pitched himself for a couple of MCU roles and continues to have talks with both Marvel and DC for a role. Based on that, there are some exciting DCU characters Hamm could play.


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