DC Is Changing Batman"s Origin Story For The Dark Knight"s 2024 Return

  • Batman: Caped Crusader reimagines Bruce Wayne's origin story, exploring his decision to become Batman from a young age.
  • The series distinguishes itself from previous adaptations by having Bruce decide to become Batman as a child.
  • Batman: Caped Crusader premieres on Prime Video in August.
Executive producer Bruce Timm reveals how the new DC animated series Batman: Caped Crusader will tackle Bruce Wayne's origin story with a new angle. Batman animated shows have long been successful installments, with the likes of Batman: The Animated Series holding a notable spot as a cultural cornerstone for the DC hero. In 2024, the iconic Gotham City detective is making his way back to the small screen, as Batman: Caped Crusader will be arriving on Prime Video in August.
In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Timm shared new details about the Batman: Caped Crusader TV show as he revisits the Dark Knight's mythology. According to Timm, the origin story will be one of the things that the Prime Video series will tackle differently in terms of Bruce's journey beginning as Gotham City's protector, stating the following:
The slightly different take that we're doing on it is that at night, when he's lying in bed reliving the murders of his parents again and again in his head, it's so upsetting and so horrifying that the way he copes with it is he decides, right then and there, I'm going to declare war on crime. And so literally from that point on, even though he's eight, he's kind of Batman already.


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