Agents of SHIELD Actor Returning to MCU In Likely New Role

An actor from Marvel Entertainment"s Agents of SHIELD is confirmed to play a role in the upcoming MCU Disney+ series, Daredevil: Born Again.
While Daredevil fans have gotten Charlie Cox and Vincent D"Onofrio back into the MCU, SHIELD fans continue to wait their turn.
The best they"ve gotten are teases from Chloe Bennet suggesting she might be showing up again at some point, such as when the actress challenged a rather mean-spirited tweet that suggested she couldn"t share the screen with some of the MCU"s biggest actors.
While fans will need to wait longer for news on if any of the show"s leads will join the MCU as it is today, there"s at least one brief veteran dipping their toes into a new project.
An Agent of Shield Actor Joins Daredevil MarvelThe Hollywood Reporter revealed that Michael Gaston would be joining Charlie Cox"s upcoming MCU series, Daredevil: Born Again.
Gaston previously had a role for Marvel—though, probably not one that many remember. After all, it was only in one episode.
In the third episode of Season 7, titled Alien Commies from the Future!, Gaston portrayed Gerald Sharpe, a suit from the United States Department of Defense. As the episode started, he ran into Daisy Johnson and company, who were all displaced in an alternate 1955.
The gist of his character is simply that he has information the team needs to get to their next episode.
It ended with Sharpe rambling like a crazy man to the town, claiming he had an encounter with aliens.
As for his role in Born Again, no information was given besides his general involvement with the series. Given his role in Agents of SHIELD, it is highly unlikely that he"ll be portraying the same person.
Marvel Studios has not commented on THR"s report.
Not the SHIELD Character Fans WantedWhen people were voicing their desires for Agents of SHIELD characters to return, this is not likely what everyone meant.
Given how inconsequential Gaston"s role is in the late ABC show, there"s likely no connection between the two. However, it"ll no doubt still fan the flames of the fandom"s debate.
Someone is bound to reference this bit of news while questioning if the old show is canon.
As for who he might play, it could literally be anyone. Perhaps he is once again a nondescript lawman of sorts—possibly even being an important client for Matt Murdock or an opposing lawyer.
When it comes to the top-billed cast members audiences want to see return, there"s still no official word if fans will ever see them return to their roles. Many hope that Chloe Bennet"s previous denials are all a smokescreen, while others grasp at straws for any sign of a returning familiar face.
At the very least, Marvel Studios must be aware of the fan"s desires. Given the heavy focus on the Multiverse in this current saga of the MCU, hopefully, it"ll happen one day.
Daredevil: Born Again is set to hit Disney+ in the Spring of 2024, while Agents of SHIELD can be found streaming on the very same service.


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