Charlie Cox Kisses [SPOILERS] In New Daredevil Reboot Set Photos

A new set photo sees Charlie Cox"s MCU hero kissing someone special in the Daredevil reboot. 
Cox - along with the rest of the cast of Daredevil: Born Again - are currently filming the super-powered streaming series in New York City with fans getting brief glimpses of of the upcoming show. 
These sneak peeks have included new heroes joining the fray and even a few familiar faces from Daredevil"s tenure on Netflix. 
Locking Lips on the Daredevil: Born Again SetA set photo revealed Charlie Cox"s Daredevil: Born Again character kissing one of the series" new leads. 
The image in question sees Cox"s Matt Murdock locking lips with actress Margarita Levieva on what looks to be a New York City street. 
Not much can be gleaned from the scene itself other than it includes Marvel"s Man Without Fear and Levieva"s yet-to-be-named MCU character. 
Levieva was originally cast in the Daredevil revival back in December 2022 (via Deadline) with little information about the character being made public. 
All audiences know is she will be playing a love interest to Cox"s Matt Murdock and will be a major part of Born Again (or at least, she was before the recent rewrites of the reboot). 
The set photo can be seen below:
Who Is Daredevil"s New Love Interest?While fans were interested to see who Margarita Levieva would play in this reboot upon her casting announcement, they will likely be even more eager for answers now after seeing her character play tonsil tag with Born Again"s leading man. 
Charlie Cox"s Matt Murdock has not been shy when it comes to his romantic pursuits in the past. 
In Netflix"s Daredevil, the character was a bit of a player, having several romantic interests across its three seasons. 
This notably included Deborah Ann Woll"s Karen Page, who - by the time Daredevil Season 3 came to an end - had moved on from Matt with the two opting to go the friend route (at least for now). 
That leaves plenty of room for a new romantic lead to pop into the picture, with many wondering who exactly Levieva will be bringing to life on the screen. 
There has been talk of Daredevil comic character Kirsten McDuffie popping up in the show, which could be who Levieva is playing. On the page, McDuffie is an assistant district attorney who connects with Matt in court before eventually going on to date the lawyer-turned-superhero. 
This feels like a natural fit for the Born Again series, throwing another Marvel Comics character into the MCU fray, as the franchise has done so many times before. 
However, given the fact that the last fans saw Cox"s Matt Murdock was dating Tatiana Maslany"s She-Hulk, let"s just hope the Scarlet Supe is not breaking any hearts by sharing a kiss with this new member of the Born Again equation. 
Daredevil: Born Again has no official release date, and it is now filming again after the writers" and actors" strikes.


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