Star Wars: Han Solo Actor Breaks Silence on Joining the Marvel Universe

The leading man from Lucasfilm"s Han Solo origin movie just addressed his casting in one of the MCU"s 2023 Disney+ series for the first time.
Shortly before San Diego Comic-Con 2022, reports confirmed that Solo: A Star Wars Story"s Alden Ehrenreich had landed a place in the MCU with an undisclosed role in 2023"s Ironheart, which already boasts big names in Dominique Thorne and Anthony Ramos.
This show is part of Ehrenreich"s big comeback in Hollywood after flying largely under the radar since Solo"s release, starring in Ironheart while also joining Christopher Nolan"s epic Oppenheimer movie later this year as well.
Now, the former Star Wars standout finally expressed his excitement to become the MCU"s latest important player in Phase 5.
Solo Star Teases MCU Introduction on Disney+ MarvelSpeaking with Discussing Film at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, actor Alden Ehrenreich addressed his casting in Marvel Studios" Ironheart series for the first time.
While he kept mum on his role in the show, Ehrenreich expressed how much he enjoyed doing "a big one" again after spending time away from blockbuster movies, teasing that the show "feels very personal" while being so huge:
"Ironheart, it’s big, but it also feels very personal, so I appreciated that. And it was, it was fun, it was nice to go back and do a big one like that."
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