Deadpool 3: Tom Holland Teases Hugh Jackman vs. Ryan Reynolds Battle

Spider-Man star Tom Holland added to the hype being built up for a potential Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman battle in the MCU"s Deadpool 3.
Not only will Deadpool 3 be the MCU"s first official property centered on the X-Men, but it will also put the "Multiverse" in "Multiverse Saga," diving into the concept of alternate universes more deeply than anything before it.
It"s this very concept that will bring Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine back for his first appearance in the MCU, taking on a co-starring role in the threequel alongside Ryan Reynolds" Merc with a Mouth.
While fans already shared their immense excitement for the news of Jackman"s return when it first dropped in September 2022, that anticipation isn"t absent from the MCU"s already-established team.
Tom Holland Hypes Deadpool vs. Wolverine MarvelMCU Spider-Man star Tom Holland spoke with Forbes about the upcoming battle that will take place between Ryan Reynolds" Deadpool and Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine in Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3.
Noting how big of a fan he is of both stars, Holland highlighted the efforts of stunt coordinator/second unit director George Cottle Jr., who"s working on Deadpool 3 after working on Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home.
He proceeded to exclaim how much he "can’t wait to see those two go at it" when the film arrives:
"Yeah, of course I have. I’m a big fan of both of those guys. I’m sure the film is going to be fantastic. I know they have George Cottle (Jr.) on their side right now as their stunt coordinator and second unit director. You couldn’t ask for a better guy. So I’m very excited for the film. I wish them all the best and I can’t wait to see those two go at it."
How Big Will Deadpool vs. Wolverine Fight Be?Tom Holland"s comments don"t come as too much of a shock considering how important Deadpool"s relationship with Wolverine is to the plot of this MCU threequel.
Jackman even shared how excited he is to explore the dynamic of the characters" rivalry, as he shares the screen with Reynolds for the second time in these roles:
"When I keep thinking of me and Ryan, of Deadpool and Wolverine, which are classic comic-book rivals, there’s also a dynamic that I’ve never really got to do before as Wolverine. I just thought, "This is gonna be fun. Something I’ve never done before. I can’t wait.""
Jackman also previously teased how Wolverine will want to "punch [Deadpool] in the head" on more than one occasion, only teasing further that their rivalry will drive the movie forward from start to finish.
And while specific story details remain mostly a mystery, Tom Holland already sees just how big this duo"s relationship will be as the mutants truly make their presence felt in the MCU.
Deadpool 3 is currently shooting and will debut in theaters on November 8, 2024.


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