Deadpool 3 Trailer Gets Exciting Release Update: What Will It Show?

According to a new report, fans might be seeing the first trailer for July"s Deadpool 3 on Super Bowl Sunday (February 11).
Deadpool 3 is certainly a highly anticipated movie, to say the least. It is not only the third installment of a critically and financially successful franchise, but also the only MCU movie releasing in 2024.
Given that much of the filming for the movie was done on-location, rather than with greenscreen or other similar effects, there have been several leaks regarding the movies plot and cast (beyond Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine) over the past few months.
However, now that filming has concluded, it is fairly likely that the next taste of the superhero meta-comedy will be in its first trailer.
When Will the Deadpool 3 Trailer Release?According to a report from Variety, the first official trailer for Deadpool 3 could be releasing on Sunday, February 11 right before or during the Super Bowl.
Disney has made it a tradition each year to air "big game" spots promoting its summer movies during the Super Bowl broadcast.
Last year"s game saw the second trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which, like Deadpool 3, was the third installment in a beloved franchise. The first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny also released during the 2023 Super Bowl.
Both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3) were in trailers during the 2017 Super Bowl, starring in advertisements for The Adam Project and Logan, respectively.
What Will The Deadpool 3 Trailer Show?First and foremost, it is very likely that the first Deadpool 3 trailer will finally reveal the movie"s official title to fans.
Casually titled Deadpool 3, the movie is listed as Untitled Deadpool Movie on Disney"s official release calendar. Fans have been speculating on what the name could be ever since.
Though unlikely, it would be very Deadpool of them to actually name the movie Untitled Deadpool Movie. That would certainly fit the humor Reynolds and director Shawn Levy have brought to the franchise so far.
Some fans have theorized that the title will be something simple like Deadpool and Wolverine. Others have guessed names based on famous Deadpool comic stories, such as Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.
Leaks and footage certainly give a lot of credence to the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe theory — specifically, that Reynolds" Deadpool will kill the FOX Marvel Universe.
Not only are there multiple FOX Marvel actors returning to their former roles, but also there was a leaked image featuring the 20th Century FOX logo quite literally crumbling.
Beyond the title, though, the first Deadpool 3 trailer will offer fans a real look at the upcoming movie"s plot, beyond one line of synopsis from Marvel"s Japanese site, reading, "The irresponsible hero Deadpool will change the history of the MCU with Wolverine!?"
The synopsis does put Deadpool ahead of Wolverine, but other than that (and the movie"s title), it has not been made clear if this is a Deadpool movie featuring Wolverine, or a Deadpool and Wolverine movie starring them both. A trailer could theoretically help clear that up, if the movie"s official title doesn"t explain on its own.
Additionally, rumors have been circulating for months about the TVA from Loki, having a role in Deadpool 3. There are seemingly Multiverse-related elements to the story, and using the TVA would at least be a way to make Deadpool"s transfer to the MCU from the FOX universe a bit more seamless. It is always possible that the movie"s first trailer could include a confirmation of this.
Of course, there is also Deadpool"s already-established supporting cast to consider, with characters like Stefan Kapičić"s Colossus and Brianna Hildebrand"s Negasonic Teenage Warhead (among others) confirmed to appear in the movie too. Deadpool 3"s first trailer could very well include the reuniting of the crew from the first two movies, ahead of the third.
Deadpool 3 hits theaters on July 26.


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