The Flash Sound Team On Multiverse Characters & Double Barry Allens

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for The Flash to follow.After a long, long production, The Flash finally made its way to theaters, facilitating the joyful return of some beloved DC characters and the presumed exit of others. The Flash supposedly marks the official end of Ben Affleck’s time as Batman, for example, and may be the last time Ezra Miller is seen as Barry Allen. The film may even finally bring story elements from Man of Steel to a close, as it features Michael Shannon as General Zod in what is likely the actor’s final time as the villain.
With a story to serve its large cast of characters, The Flash is a busy film, to say the least. To help service the movie’s bombastic action sequences and bring DC characters from across the multiverse to life, the filmmakers enlisted a sound team that included supervising sound editor Nancy Nugent and supervising sound editor and sound designer John Marquis. Together with other team members like sound designer Brandon Jones, Nugent and Marquis deftly handled the twists and turns of the story, putting together everything from the sound of the Batwing to the voices of the film’s two Barry Allens.


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