Star Wars Outlaws’ Protagonist Copies Cal Kestis In The Best Way

Kay Vess, the protagonist in the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws, takes a page out of Cal Kestis’ book in the best way. On a fundamental level, Kay and Cal are pretty different. Being a scoundrel is quite a leap from being a Jedi, giving each a unique perspective on the galaxy and the people in it. Yet, the team at Massive Entertainment made a clever choice with Kay that copies one of the best things in the Star Wars Jedi series, which gives these characters an adorable commonality.
Cal Kestis, the protagonist of Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor, has endured many traumatic experiences to survive and build something worth fighting for. While much of Kay’s backstory has yet to be revealed, she similarly has fought to secure a future for herself in the galaxy at a time when the Empire makes it challenging to do anything. So, despite the gap between scoundrel and Jedi, these protagonists appear to have a unifying characteristic that provides a great sense of nuance to their actions. However, the best way that Star Wars Outlaws protagonist Kay copies Cal is much simpler and cuter.


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