Marvel Releases First Poster for Emilia Clarke's MCU Character (Official)

Emilia Clarke just received her first MCU poster in a batch of new promotional posters ahead of Secret Invasion"s Disney+ debut. 
While this Phase 5 series is the first Marvel role for the Solo and Game of Thrones star, her character, G"iah, was first introduced in 2019"s Captain Marvel as the young Skrull daughter of Ben Mendelsohn"s Talos. 
Fast-forward to Secret Invasion, and G"iah, now played by Clarke, appears to be at odds with her father. 
However, as the series posters show, it"s tough to know who or what to trust.  
Emilia Clarke"s Secret Invasion PosterAmong Marvel Studios" latest Secret Invasion promotion was Emilia Clarke"s poster for her character, G"iah.
Given Clarke"s industry status and her presence in the show"s marketing thus far, her character is expected to be central to the series. 
MarvelThe design and phrase of "Who do you trust?" is the same as the series" first poster featuring Samuel L. Jackson"s Nick Fury, which was also included in this poster collection.  
MarvelIn addition to Samuel L. Jackson"s Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn"s Talos appears to be at the center of Secret Invasion. But since his daughter, G"iah, is involved, the personal stakes are especially high. 
MarvelCobie Smulders" Maria Hill, who was last seen being impersonated by Talos" wife in Spider-Man: Far From Home, has received her own poster as well. 
MarvelFresh off his Black Panther: Wakanda Forever role, Martin Freeman"s Everett Ross is also joining the Secret Invasion fray. 
MarvelThe same goes for Don Cheadle"s James Rhodes or "Rhodey," who"s now the "righthand to the president" of the United States of America.
MarvelJoining Emilia Clarke in her MCU debut is Olivia Colman as MI6 Agent Sonya Falsworth.
Not only does she know Nick Fury, but she"s also expected to fill a villainous role. 
MarvelAdditional new faces include Charlayne Woodard as Priscilla Fury, Nick Fury"s wife, who"s expected to be a SWORD agent. 
MarvelKingsley Ben-Adir is playing Gravik, a rebel Skrull leader with Groot-like abilities and one of the show"s primary antagonists. 
MarvelAnd, lastly, actor Killian Scott received his own poster, along with his character name "Pagon." 
MarvelShould MCU Fans Trust Secret Invasion Marketing?The thing with Secret Invasion is that as Marvel Studios provides information through its marketing campaign, it"s also warning audiences of distrust and deception. 
So even though fans have information on Emilia Clarke"s character now, as well as the rest of Secret Invasion"s roster, fans should be prepared for some major twists. 
In fact, Emilia Clarke said as much herself in a recent featurette, cautioning audiences that they "can"t predict it:"
"You can"t predict it, and you can"t preempt it. And you can"t fathom it until it happens."
Overall, it seems safe to say that Secret Invasion won"t only keep its own characters guessing, but its audience too. 
And, in addition to who"s truly a Skrull and who"s actually human, the question is just how will the Disney+ series" surprises impact the greater MCU.
Secret Invasion premieres Wednesday, June 21, on Disney+.


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