Darth Maul & 100 Jedi: George Lucas" Star Wars Sequel Plans Were Very Different To Disney

The Star Wars sequel trilogy took a different approach under Disney from what George Lucas originally intended, and his would have been so very different to Disney. In 2011, Disney CEO Bob Iger approached George Lucas with the idea of acquiring Lucasfilm. There was just one problem; Lucas wanted what he called "the Pixar deal," hoping for something similar to the $7.4 billion Disney paid for Pixar. Disney, however, felt Lucas was seriously overestimating his company's value; "Lucas had many talented employees, particularly on the tech side, but no directors other than George, and no film development or production pipeline, as far as we knew," Iger recalled in his autobiography The Ride of a Lifetime. Lucas attempted to increase the value by finally penning his vision for the Star Wars sequel trilogy.


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