Titans’ Most Exciting Crossover Is Too Little Too Late

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Titans season 4, episode 10
Titans' most exciting crossover needed to be bigger and should have been done much sooner. In HBO's Titans season 4, episode 10, Garfield Logan's Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) winds down his multiversal travels via the supernatural force called The Red. While it does culminate in a long-awaited reunion with the cast of Doom Patrol, it also saw Gar finally meeting Victor Stone aka Cyborg (Jovian Wade). However, the live-action meeting representing one of DC Comics' best bromances wasn't all it could have been.
Attempting to assert control over The Red at the end of Titans season 4, episode 9, Beast Boy wanted to be sent to his family. Rather than returning to the Titans, Garr instead lands in the home of the Doom Patrol and is found unconscious by Cyborg. Having received his powers thanks to Niles Caulder's experiments and then taken in by the Doom Patrol before joining the Titans, it makes sense that Beast Boy would be sent to the Doom Patrol's house. However, the crossover potential was mostly wasted due to the convoluted nature of the episode as a whole.


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