Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Show Gets Promising Update From Phil Lord & Chris Miller

The upcoming live-action Spider-Man Noir TV show gets promising updates by Chris Miller and Phil Lord. Amazon will be another destination in the future for live-action Spider-Man properties as they are developing a whole new TV universe based on the web crawler's lore. While it won't feature Peter Parker - at least for now - it will be the introduction of several characters who have not necessarily been featured in live-action before.
In a recent Collider interview with Lord and Miller, the writing duo provided some updates on the Spider-Man Noir TV series. While Lord confirmed that it is still moving forward, Miller added that Spider-Man Noir is on pause due to the Writers Guild of America strike. However, once the strike is over, development will resume, as they shared the following:
Lord: Yes.
Miller: It was [in development] until the writers’ strike and everything shut down. But once that gets resolved, we'll get back into it. But it's coming along nicely.


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