Stan Lee"s 2023 Marvel Controversy Continues A 15-Year-Old MCU Problem

The 2023 Disney+ documentary Stan Lee has sparked controversy, adding heat to the already hot issue of creator rights, particularly regarding the MCU. The documentary was meant to be a tribute to the legendary writer and editor, who is as famous today for his many movie cameos as he is for his work at Marvel Comics. However, the film has struck a sour note with those who believe it gave Lee too much credit and ignored the contributions of the many artists who worked at Marvel Comics over the years.
Chief among the detractors of the 2023 Stan Lee documentary is the family of Jack "The King" Kirby, who is credited with creating and co-creating many characters for Marvel Comics, including the Fantastic Four. Jack Kirby's son, Neal, released a statement on behalf of the family, via Twitter, through his daughter, Jillian. Neal Kirby stated that while he understood why a documentary on Stan Lee would focus on his accomplishments, the Disney+ documentary did a disservice to his father and the other artists who worked with Stan Lee over the years, promoting the myth that Stan Lee was the chief creative force at Marvel Comics.


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