"We"re In A Wait & See Pattern": Ahsoka Showrunner Discusses Baylan"s Future After Ray Stevenson"s Tragic Death

  • Baylan Skoll's story in the Star Wars universe is not yet complete, leaving the character's future uncertain after the tragic death of actor Ray Stevenson.
  • Showrunner Dave Filoni admired Stevenson's portrayal of Baylan, who he didn't see as a villain despite the character's role, making it even more compelling.
  • Filoni regrets that Stevenson didn't get to witness the immense popularity of Baylan and the positive reception from fans.
Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni has opened up about Baylan Skoll's future in the Star Wars universe following Ray Stevenson's tragic death. The actor portrayed the Jedi-turned-mercenary in the latest Disney+ live-action series, who has his own journey throughout the series. However, Stevenson died in May 2023, leaving the characters' future in additional shows or movies uncertain.
Speaking with Vanity Fair, Filoni revealed Baylan's story isn't completed by the end of Ahsoka, and it's unclear how it could continue without Stevenson. The showrunner also offered additional details about the actor's performance, underscoring how he never saw the character as a villain, which made his portrayal all the more compelling. Check out what Filoni had to say below:
Obviously, there's a story there. We're in a wait and see pattern at this point. But I'm glad the conversation is about Ray and how great he was. … I used to have little mini debates with him and say, 'Ray, you're the villain here.' And he'd be like, 'I don't think so.' I was like, 'I know you don't think so, but you are. I love that you're playing it like you're not.' Which is exactly the way Baylan thinks.
I think he would've been over the moon [with how popular Baylan is]. The big regret here is that he didn't get to experience that. I'm glad he was at Star Wars Celebration with us, that he got to see the trailer and get a taste of that from the fans. And they've been nothing but wonderful about Ray and the character.
Baylan's Story Is Far From Complete When he is first introduced, Baylan is acting as a mercenary under orders from Morgan Elsbeth to find Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, over the course of the series, his personal mission diverged from the one he'd been sent to complete, resulting in him separating from his apprentice, Shin Hati, on Peridea. He is last seen standing on the statue of the Father, exploring the planet in hopes of finding his true destiny.
The character is still shrouded in some mystery by the end of Ahsoka, with Baylan's vision for Shin's future unclear after abandoning her. Since both master and apprentice are still on the planet, his destiny may have been tied to the purpose he'd planned for her during their journey. It could also be something undiscovered about Peridea the Star Wars universe has yet to explore. However, Stevenson's death means exploring his characters' storyline may not be able to happen in live-action form.


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