The Flash Season 9 Ending Explained: The End Of An Era

  • Cobalt Blue emerges as Barry's final villain in The Flash season 9 finale, bringing an end to an era.
  • Team Flash defeats revived speedster villains, while Cobalt Blue gains their speed to become stronger.
  • Eddie Thawne is alive but still holds a grudge against Barry, hinting at a continuing rivalry beyond the show's ending.
Barry’s long-awaited battle with Cobalt Blue marked the conclusion of Barry’s onscreen journey in The Flash season 9 finale. Teased in the season 8 finale, the biggest missing member of Barry’s Arrowverse rogues’ gallery finally squared off with the Scarlet Speedster. After years of theories regarding the possibility of Eddie Thawne somehow becoming Cobalt Blue, the season 1 character fully transformed into the villain in the show’s very last episode.
With The Flash ending after nine seasons, Cobalt Blue has cemented his position as Barry’s final villain in the Arrowverse. His story served as the end of an era, as Grant Gustin’s time as the Flash has been brought to a close, along with the Arrowverse as a whole. In addition to wrapping up the conflict with the resurrected Eddie Thawne, The Flash series finale tied up the storylines of its main characters, while also finding room for a long list of familiar faces from throughout its long run. Here’s a breakdown of what happened in The Flash’s final episode and what it means for the show’s heroes.


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