James Gunn Gives Candid Response About How Fan Casting Affects The DC Universe

  • DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn mentioned occasionally seeing fan casting suggestions, but stated he didn't remember them ever leading to someone being cast.
  • Gunn acknowledges that fans sometimes have good ideas for casting, but also acknowledges that they can have terrible ones.
  • Ultimately, Gunn and his casting directors have their own criteria and methods for selecting actors for roles in the DC Universe.
DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn opens up on whether the DC Universe takes fan casting into consideration. 2023 marks the end of the DCEU timeline in order for DC Studios' new DC Universe to come to life, which will be happening properly on the big screen in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. Ever since the SAG-AFTRA strike officially ended, Superman: Legacy has been able to resume its casting process - as Gunn is looking to start production in 2024 - leading to some exciting casting reveals.
While the Superman: Legacy cast is starting to come together, Gunn had an interesting response to Durrellb.r on Threads when they asked, "Do you ever take fan casting into consideration when casting for a role? If not, what are some things you take into account when casting for a role?"
Gunn explained that "I will sometimes see who fans have suggested online for folks I or my casting directors haven’t considered." That said, he also added, "Sometimes they have good ideas, sometimes terrible ones. I don’t remember it actually leading to someone being cast, however."


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