Deadpool 3"s Trailer Secretly Hid Another Comics Accurate Wolverine Costume In Plain Sight

  • The first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer reveals a comic-accurate Wolverine costume different to the classic yellow suit-and-blue suit: a white tuxedo Wolverine wears under his undercover "Patch" identity.
  • Wolverine adopts the Patch moniker when he enters Madripoor's criminal underworld in Marvel Comics.
  • Wolverine's Patch costume suggests an alternate-universe backstory for Hugh Jackman's new Wolverine variant in Deadpool & Wolverinel.
The first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer secretly features a comic-accurate Wolverine costume that's different from his MCU yellow-and-blue suit. The MCU's upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine revolves around Wade Wilson's recruitment by the TVA, which might be planning to make some tweaks to the MCU's chronological timeline. As suggested by the trailer, Deadpool might venture into the Void, where he may cross paths with pruned variants from all across the multiverse. Along the way, Deadpool will meet a Wolverine variant who didn't die like his Logan counterpart and instead began wearing his classic yellow suit at some point in the past.
Undeniably, Wolverine's classic suit and mask are one of the most anticipated aspects of Deadpool & Wolverine. The closest Hugh Jackman had gotten to wearing Wolverine's iconic costume on the big screen had been in The Wolverine's post-credits scene, where Logan received the mask and gloves as a gift from the mutant prophet Yukio. Yet, it took eleven years for The Wolverine's costume tease to be paid off. However, Wolverine's yellow suit isn't the only comic-accurate outfit Hugh Jackman will sport in the Deadpool threequel, as Deadpool & Wolverine's first trailer featured a glimpse at Wolverine's late 1980s undercover look.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Deadpool 3's First Trailer Reveals First Look At Wolverine's Patch Costume Close Halfway through the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, as Deadpool tells Matthew Macfadyen's TVA agent Paradox"your little cinematic universe will change forever", Hugh Jackman's Wolverine can be seen sitting at what seems to be a poker table in a casino. While he's only shown from the back, it's clear that Wolverine is wearing a white tuxedo. In Marvel Comics, Wolverine wears a white tuxedo and an eyepatch under the alias "Patch", which he adopted during his 1988 stint as a low-profile Madripoor criminal. Whether Jackman's Wolverine wears an eyepatch in this Deadpool & Wolverine scene is yet to be revealed.
Related Which Wolverine Is In Deadpool 3? Deadpool 3's first trailer provides a first glimpse at Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. However, this MCU variant of the mutant seems slightly different. Wolverine's Patch Identity In Marvel Comics Explained Following the apparent defeat of the X-Men in 1987's Fall of the Mutants storyline, Wolverine departs to Marvel's island nation of Madripoor, where he decides to hide his real identity as he delves deeper into the local criminal underworld. To achieve it, he starts wearing an eyepatch and a white tuxedo, and he frequents criminal hotspots like bars and casinos. Razor-Fist —who has already made his MCU debut in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings — nicknames Wolverine "Patch" after a confrontation, and Wolverine adopted the moniker. Soon after, Patch crosses paths with Joe Fixit, Hulk's own undercover persona.
In Madripoor, Wolverine wears his Patch tuxedo to blend into the criminal underworld, but switches to an all-black outfit when it comes time to fight.
Although he's eventually forced to pull out of Madripoor, Wolverine's "Patch" persona continues to be Logan's go-to secret identity when he's faced with an undercover mission, or simply when he goes back to Madripoor. As Patch, Wolverine is motivated to find creative solutions to conflicts that don't involve slicing his way through hordes of enemies like he usually does. Wolverine's undercover identity also allows him to distance himself away from his aggressive infamy, as well as from his role in the X-Men's world-saving matters and from mutants' constant controversies — though Patch naturally gets into plenty of trouble on his own.
What Wolverine's Patch Costume & Identity Means For Deadpool & Wolverine Deadpool & Wolverine's focus may be centered on Wolverine's full-fledged superhero persona, but the addition of Wolverine's Patch outfit in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer may hint at Wolverine's alternate-universe backstory. Unlike Logan's dead Wolverine variant, Hugh Jackman's new version of the character may have been keeping a low profile in Madripoor, either because he's infiltrating the local crime world like his comic book counterpart or because he's already aware that the TVA is chasing down rogue variants to send them to the Void, similarly to how Classic Loki and Sylvie tried to escape the TVA before they were pruned.
It's also possible that the tuxedo-wearing Wolverine seen in Deadpool & Wolverine's first trailer is a different variant altogether, and that he will refuse to cooperate with Deadpool and the TVA just like he refused to cooperate with Xavier and Magneto when they tried to recruit him in a bar during X-Men: First Class. Either way, the events of Deadpool & Wolverine could leave the door open for Wolverine's arrival in the MCU's Earth-616. Once there, he can fully adopt his Patch identity in Madripoor (introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) before Avengers: Secret Wars brings him back.


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