Nicolas Cage In Talks to Star In Live-Action Spider-Man Show (Report)

Reports are noting a live-action Spider-Man show is in the works with none other than Nicolas Cage starring in the leading role.
Nicolas Cage is in the middle of a superhero resurgence after first playing Ghost Rider nearly two decades ago, recently making a cameo appearance as Superman in 2023’s The Flash from the DCEU.
He also played a memorable role as Spider-Man Noir in 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for Sony Pictures, and he"s already set for a comeback to the role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse as well.
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Nicolas Cage In Talks for Spider-Man Noir Show MarvelThe Ankler reported that Sony Pictures is in serious talks with comic-book movie veteran Nicolas Cage to play the leading role in the Amazon Prime Video-developed Spider-Man Noir series.
The series - which was first publicly announced in February 2023 - is reportedly set in a 1930s take on New York City. Cage voiced Spider-Man Noir in 2018"s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and his performance was met with acclaim from critics and fans alike. It"s unclear how closely this new Spider-Man Noir series will follow that animated portrayal of the hero.
This is one of two reported live-action Spider-Man shows being developed for Prime Video. The other, Silk: Spider Society, is reportedly now without a writer"s room amidst a developmental overhaul following the 2023 Hollywood writer"s strike.
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What Will Happen in Nicolas Cage"s Spider-Man Show?Currently, there are no story details out to the public regarding this new Spider-Man Noir show, although having Nicolas Cage involved should be a major selling point for fans.
This will give Cage the opportunity to take on a live-action version of the hero fans loved from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, likely setting him up in his own universe away from his fellow web-slinging cohorts.
Due to this show being on Amazon Prime Video, it"s unclear at the moment whether it will have any connection to the greater Spider-Verse or if it could potentially tie into Cage"s work on the animated side.
Sony is currently looking to win back favor with fans on the backs of three movies hitting theaters from Sony"s Spider-Man Universe this year, but this new show could offer a taste of something different from the web-slinging franchise as well.
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There is no confirmed release timeframe for the Spider-Man Noir.


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