David Corenswet As Superman First Image Revealed: Battered Costume, Bright Red Boots... And An Alien Attack In The Sky

  • DC Universe boss James Gunn unveiled David Corenswet's full Superman costume, setting the stage for the new DC Universe.
  • Corenswet's costume appears to be a blend of spandex and armor, includes the iconic trunks, and his appearance features the classic Superman curl.
  • An alien attack happening above Metropolis could hint at Brainiac's involvement in Gunn's Superman movie, but that remains to be seen.
The first official look at David Corenswet's full Superman costume has been revealed by DC Universe boss James Gunn. The new DC Universe is on its way, as Gunn and Peter Safran are leading the development of a new slate of movies and TV shows to be released by DC Studios and Warner Bros. Discovery. Gunn's Superman movie is currently the only DC Universe movie that is in the midst of filming, and it will set the foundation for the rebooted franchise.
The world has been patiently waiting to see what Corenswet's Superman costume will look like after Gunn shared the first look at the new House of El symbol when they kicked off principal photography. Since filming is entering its final months of production, Gunn officially unveiled the Superman costume, as seen worn by Corenswet in the photo below.
In a follow-up post on Threads, Gunn revealed the photo had been taken by Jess Miglio on set, "and was entirely in-camera." The photo reveals not only Corenswet's Superman costume, but what appears to be an alien attack happening above Metropolis.


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