8 Biggest Differences Between David Corenswet & Henry Cavill"s Superman Suits

  • David Corenswet's Superman suit features iconic red trunks, a classic element missing from Henry Cavill's costume.
  • The DCU Superman reboot suit has a brighter blue tone compared to Cavill's, but may not be immediately noticeable due to the lighting.
  • Corenswet's Superman suit includes a controversial collar similar to the New 52 design, deviating from the more classic approach expected.
The first look at David Corenswet's superhero costume for Superman has been revealed, and the actor's costume for the DC Universe movie has quite a few differences in comparison to Henry Cavill's Man of Steel. Cavill gave life to Superman in the DCEU, leading a solo movie as the character, 2013's Man of Steel, and appearing in multiple other DCEU films. Interestingly, Man of Steel was responsible for starting the DCEU, just like Corenswet's Superman will do for the DCU's film side.
When James Gunn and Peter Safran came on board as DC Studios' new CEOs, they revealed that Cavill would be recast as Superman. Corenswet was chosen after a long search, with the actor already hard at work filming the Superman DCU reboot since the end of February. Despite filming for months, the DCU Superman suit has only now been revealed, and it is very different from Cavill's.


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