James Gunn Responds To Green Lantern Casting Rumors Ahead Of Upcoming DCU Project

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available. Summary
  • The Lanterns TV show hasn't started the casting process, according to James Gunn.
  • Rumors of filming in England in 2025 are circulating online, leading fans to check in with Gunn on Threads.
  • Gunn confirms the DC Comics canon that Hal Jordan is older than John Stewart unless there is an alternative storyline.
DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn sets the record straight on the casting process for the upcoming DC Universe TV show, Lanterns. As several DC Universe movies are in the works, DC Studios is also focusing on their TV slate in collaboration with Max. One of them is the Lanterns series, set to focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the leading duo.
As the Lanterns TV show has found its DC Universe writing team, a new rumor recently emerged online that the Max drama was looking to start filming in Q1 of 2025 in England. In addition to that, casting was supposedly underway, with DC Studios looking for actors in the 43-49 age range for Hal Jordan while searching for actors between 27-35 years old for John Stewart. It didn't take long for the Lanterns rumors to get on Gunn's radar as fans checked in with him on Threads.
In a response to BruceWayncs, Gunn stated, "Casting has not begun, but it's going well," without clarifying when they are actually starting their casting process.
In a separate response, as fans were discussing the idea of Hal being older than John in the DC Comics canon, and supposedly the direction of the Lanterns TV show, Gunn chimed in with, "I never have mentioned their ages but, canonically in the comics, yes, Hal has always been older than John unless there is some Elseworld tale I don’t know about."


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