10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching Every Joker Movie In DC"s History

  • Joker's movie appearances often focus on Batman, neglecting the villain's classic comic book stories and true essence.
  • Cesar Romero's 60s Joker remains one of the most comic-accurate and comprehensive takes on the iconic villain in live-action.
  • Conflicting cinematic interpretations of the Joker make the character inconsistent, lacking the thematic contrast with Batman.
Though the Joker is one of DC's most iconic villains, rewatching his live-action movie appearances highlights a handful of unpleasant truths. Long before the movies of the DCEU introduced a shared universe of DC characters, the Joker was a key part of the DC universe. As Batman’s most iconic nemesis, the Joker has proved a major player in a number of the Dark Knight’s greatest adventures, and is a regular part of movie adaptations of the hero’s world.
Over the years, many actors have played the Joker in live-action. Each new actor typically brings something new to the role, with each new adaptation attempting to put its own spin on the Dark Knight’s mythos. Across these many versions of the Joker to have appeared in live-action movies, there have been many great incarnations of the villain. Even so, rewatching the Joker’s movie appearances highlights a number of harsh realities about the character.


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