Deadpool & Wolverine Will Remind Marvel How Great 1 Missing X-Men "97 Character Is

  • Colossus was absent from X-Men '97, but Deadpool & Wolverine can remind Marvel of his greatness.
  • The dynamic between Colossus and Deadpool created great comedy in the Deadpool films.
  • The MCU should model Colossus after Deadpool's version, not the X-Men trilogy's portrayal.
The Deadpool films include one mutant who was absent from X-Men '97, but Deadpool & Wolverine can remind Marvel how great this character is. X-Men '97 featured the return of many fan-favorite mutants, like Cyclops, Beast, Storm, Wolverine, and Jean Grey. It also gave many amazing moments to underused mutants, like Rogue and Gambit, who showed off their powers and charm through powerful, emotional moments. However, some mutants didn't make the cut, like Deadpool, who has become one of the most famous mutants, thanks to the films starring Ryan Reynolds.
Still, Deadpool didn't need to be in X-Men '97 as he is soon making his MCU debut in Deadpool & Wolverine. Wolverine also had a smaller role in the animated series, but that can be forgiven as Hugh Jackman's portrayal returns alongside the Merc With The Mouth. Another mutant scrapped from X-Men '97 who is in Deadpool & Wolverine is Colossus, the Russian metallic mutant played by Stefan Kapicic. It's unclear how big his role will be, but it's a perfect opportunity to remind Marvel how great he is before the X-Men make their MCU debut.
Related How Deadpool Is In The MCU Explained Deadpool officially joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Deadpool and Wolverine, but that character is actually a part of Fox’s X-Men universe.
Deadpool & Wolverine Needs To Remember How Great Colossus Is Close Great comedy emerged from Colossus and Deadpool's dynamic, and it'd be disappointing if this is completely absent from Deadpool & Wolverine.
Many characters from the Deadpool series will appear in the Deadpool & Wolverine cast. As seen in the trailer, characters like Vanessa, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio, and Dopinder gather to celebrate Wade's birthday. That's before the TVA drags him away, signaling that this scene still takes place within the Fox universe. It's unclear if this is the only scene with them or if any of them will carry over into the MCU. If it is the only scene with Deadpool characters, that's a shame, as it's a massive waste of likable characters, including Colossus.
Colossus seemed like a random choice for the X-Men representative featured in Deadpool & Deadpool 2. However, it was a great decision, as Colossus' polite mannerisms and gentle giant attitude blended well with Deadpool's overly crude and selfish personality. Plenty of great comedy emerged from Colossus and Deadpool's dynamic, and it'd be disappointing if this is completely absent from Deadpool & Wolverine. It would make sense as Marvel wants the focus to be on Deadpool and Wolverine's relationship, but Colossus shouldn't be forgotten.
Colossus Was A Notable Omission From X-Men '97 Colossus wasn't featured in X-Men '97, except for a brief cameo when Morph turns into him. However, the character didn't have a significant role in X-Men: The Animated Series, as he only appeared in two episodes. Piotr Rasputin first appears in "The Unstoppable Juggernaut," where he helps the X-Men defeat Juggernaut after he is blamed for a series of bank robberies. He returns in "Red Dawn" when he needs the X-Men's help to defeat Omega Red after the recently thawed-out villain tries to take over Russia.
Colossus developed a larger fanbase thanks to his appearance in the Deadpool films, so it would have made sense for X-Men '97 to take advantage of his newfound popularity. He is one of the stronger mutants, and would have been especially helpful against an army of human-sentinel hybrids. Still, he didn't have a large role in the original series and the creative team wanted to keep the focus on the main team. Hopefully, Colossus can have any type of role in X-Men '97 season 2.
X-Men '97 is available to watch on Disney+.
The MCU Needs To Model Its Colossus After Deadpool's, Not The X-Men Trilogy's Close It may be a while before the X-Men appear in the MCU, possibly even sometime after Avengers: Secret Wars. It's unconfirmed who will be a part of the MCU's X-Men, but Colossus should be an option. If he is in the MCU, Marvel should keep him closer to Deadpool's version, not Fox's X-Men trilogy. Colossus had a small role in the first X-Men trilogy and X-Men: Days of Future Past, but there was plenty wrong with his adaptation in the Fox franchise. He didn't have a Russian accent, and he was about the same size as his teammates, not towering over them like in the comics.
He also didn't say or do much, besides save a few kids in Xavier's mansion and block and punch things while in his metal form. Deadpool's version is much closer to what comic book readers imagine Colossus to be and is also similar to the animated series' version. The MCU shouldn't totally replicate Kapicic's portrayal, but it's a good model for what viewers want to see. Deadpool & Wolverine can remind Marvel why viewers like Colossus and give the studio ideas for how to portray him.
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