Venom: The Last Dance"s Major Death Tease Is Imagined Into Clever Marvel Movie Poster Art

  • Venom: The Last Dance has been confirmed to be Venom's final movie in Sony's Spider-Man Universe.
  • This has spurred theories that either Eddie Brock or Venom will meet their demise in Venom: The Last Dance.
  • A new fan-made poster imagines an explosive end for Venom in his upcoming 2024 movie.
A new fan-made poster teases a major character death in Venom: The Last Dance. Sony confirmed the development of Tom Hardy's third solo movie as Eddie Brock, the host of the Venom symbiote, in Sony's Spider-Man Universe back in April 2022. The first trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, released in June 2024, featured Brock back in his own reality after his journey to the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home, hinting at an action-packed and emotional storyline in what is expected to be Venom's final SSU adventure.
Confirmation that Venom: The Last Dance will be Venom's last solo movie has spurred speculation that Eddie Brock might meet his demise in the upcoming sequel. While it's unclear how this might come to pass, a new fan-made poster shared by MJD Artworks plays on this idea, putting Venom front-and-center.
MJD Artworks' poster is inspired by the official poster for Venom: The Last Dance, but pictures Eddie Brock and his symbiote ally in an explosive situation with Venom seemingly being torn apart, and the caption reading, "'Til Death Do They Part."
Your browser does not support the video tag. How Venom: The Last Dance Teases Venom's Death Close "'Til Death Do They Part" is the official tagline for Venom: The Last Dance, all but confirming the idea that either Eddie Brock, Venom, or both will pay the ultimate price in the 2024 movie. The Last Dance will pit Brock and Venom against human antagonists as well as those of extraterrestrial origin, with Venom claiming that his home has found them. This sets up dramatic symbiote battles in the upcoming movie, perhaps against formidable Marvel villains including the symbiotes' creator, Knull, which Venom may not walk away from.
Venom's Live-Action Appearances
Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Spider-Man: No Way Home
Venom: The Last Dance
At various moments in Venom: The Last Dance's trailer, Venom can also be seen taking on a huge monster that could spell bad news for the symbiote. This creature bears similarities to Marvel Comics' Xenophage, an alien species with a taste for the brains of symbiote hosts. The longer a host has been bonded to a symbiote, the more dopamine it releases, so Eddie Brock must taste rather delicious after several years accompanying Venom, making him a fine meal for the terrifying Xenophage.
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Titling the sequel The Last Dance is as big a tease as any that either Brock or Venom will die in the upcoming movie, but there is speculation that Venom could move to the MCU after Venom: The Last Dance. One theory notes Venom could transfer his consciousness from his dead body in the SSU into the piece of the symbiote left in the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home. If this takes place, Venom can continue to have a live-action future, and could even battle Tom Holland's Spider-Man, despite his death in Venom: The Last Dance.
Venom: The Last Dance Not Yet Rated Adventure Sci-FiActionSuperhero Venom 3 is the third and final installment in Sony's symbiote trilogy starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. It follows the events of Let There Be Carnage, where the anti-hero fought serial killer Cletus Kasady, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, where Brock was briefly transported to the MCU through the multiverse.
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Venom: The Last Dance
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