Deadpool 4 Could Finally Do What The X-Men Movies Have Never Been Brave Enough To

  • Deadpool 4 could bring a new level of crossover to the MCU that the X-Men films didn't explore.
  • Wade Wilson's addition to the MCU comes at an ideal time as the universe requires a boost at the box office.
  • The potential for Deadpool in the MCU is vast, with Deadpool & Wolverine possibly opening the door to other hero team-ups.
Deadpool 4 could give Marvel the chance to do something Fox's X-Men films weren't brave enough to do. Deadpool & Wolverine is the third film featuring the Merc With The Mouth and the first in the MCU. After the success of the first two Deadpool films, Wade Wilson is a welcome addition to the MCU, especially at a time when the universe needs a jolt at the box office. There's unlimited potential for Deadpool in the MCU, and Deadpool & Wolverine likely won't be the last time audiences see Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of the character.
However, Deadpool 4 remains unconfirmed, and director Shawn Levy told Deadline in a recent interview he isn't sure about another sequel, saying, "I can sincerely say I don't know." Based on the current ticket sales and box office tracking for Deadpool & Wolverine, it seems guaranteed to be a hit, and Marvel will want to capitalize on having Deadpool in the MCU for as long as possible. If Deadpool 4 happens, Marvel could incorporate Wade into a group of upcoming heroes, one he never interacted with in the Fox universe.
Related How To Watch All Deadpool Movies In Order Deadpool & Wolverine is the third film in the Deadpool trilogy, but there have been many films in many franchises starring Wade Wilson over the years.
Deadpool 4 Could Be The Deadpool & X-Men Team-Up Movie Fox Never Made Deadpool is mainly considered a solo hero, but he has a long history of interacting with the X-Men in the comics and has joined the team in a few important battles. The Deadpool films are set in the same Fox universe as the X-Men films, but Deadpool never interacts with them. He did team up with a few notable mutants, like Colossus and Cable, but he never had a notable scene with the X-Men cast, except for a hilarious cameo in Deadpool 2. Even though Deadpool is an R-rated character, Fox should have embraced a possible crossover.
Since the X-Men haven't been introduced in the MCU yet, Deadpool is one of the first mutants in the MCU, joining a small group with Ms. Marvel and Namor. The X-Men are coming eventually, but this gives Marvel the perfect opportunity to set up a Deadpool/X-Men crossover in Deadpool 4. Deadpool is one of the few in the MCU who knows about the X-Men, meaning he could help recruit and establish the MCU's team. He doesn't have to join them, but it allows Marvel to introduce a new version of the X-Men through a familiar character.
Deadpool Teaming Up With The X-Men Is A Perfect Step In His Character Arc Close Wade has gone from a mostly selfish, isolated individual to someone who enjoys working with other heroes.
Deadpool joining up with the X-Men would be comedy gold, and lead to some amazing interactions that viewers have wanted to see for a long time. It is also the next logical chapter in Wade Wilson's character arc. Deadpool started as an independent hero, hellbent on getting revenge on the man who gave him his abilities but made him disfigured. During that mission, he received help from Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, leading to him embracing others more.
In Deadpool 2, he added Cable and Domino to the team and even attempted to form the X-Force before it went horribly wrong. He also undertook a mostly selfless mission to save Russell, rather than killing him. In Deadpool & Wolverine, he is teaming up with Wolverine to save the multiverse on his largest mission yet. Wade has gone from a mostly selfish, isolated individual to someone who enjoys working with other heroes to save a few people or the world. Teaming up with the X-Men in Deadpool 4 would be a natural step in his progression.
Will Deadpool 4 Happen? Close The possibility of Deadpool 4 depends on how Deadpool & Wolverine performs at the box office. However, based on early projections, Marvel doesn't need to worry about the upcoming film being a flop. According to Deadline, Deadpool & Wolverine is projected to make $200-$239 million in its domestic opening weekend. Only eight movies have made over $200 million domestically in their opening weekends, and each film grossed over $1 billion worldwide by the end of their theatrical runs.
It isn't impossible for Deadpool & Wolverine to meet those lofty expectations. The first two Deadpool films grossed over $1.568 billion combined, and the upcoming third entry has Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, who has been a staple of the superhero genre for over two decades. It's also an MCU movie and Marvel still has a solid reputation with audiences, despite a few recent flops. Audiences have waited to see Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU for a long time, and that should translate to box office gold for Deadpool & Wolverine and another sequel.
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