Nicolas Cage"s Spider-Man Show Episode Count Confirmed As Star Promises "Monsters Are Involved"

  • Nicolas Cage to star in Spider-Man Noir live-action series on Prime Video.
  • 8-episode first season with monsters involved; different from Peter Parker.
  • Cage's casting aligns with his popularity from the animated Spider-Verse franchise.
Nicolas Cage is set to star in Spider-Man Noir, the first live-action series based on the Marvel hero. Cage's casting in the role came after the actor had already given life to the hero in the animated Spider-Verse movie franchise. Now, the star will join the list of live-action Spider-Man actors, leading Noir, the first live-action series based on a Spider-Man character in the works at Prime Video.
Speaking to The New Yorker, Nicolas Cage revealed that Noir will have 8 episodes in its first season and that "Monsters are involved." Noir has survived while Silk: Spider Society, another planned live-action Spider-Man series for Prime Video, was axed. As Cage puts it, the project is "sort of popcorn-entertainment episodic television." Cage's comment about monsters appearing in the new Marvel TV show is interesting, as Spider-Man Noir's world in the comics includes monster versions of a couple of classic Spider-Man villains.
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Why Nicolas Cage Is Perfect For Spider-Man Noir His Live-Action Spider-Man Debut Has Everything To Be Great Close Cage's casting as Spider-Man Noir for the hero's upcoming live-action series just makes sense. The character has become very popular after his appearances in the animated Spider-Verse franchise, in which Cage gives voice to the character. Having a long list of live-action credits, it made sense that Cage would get the chance to lead Prime Video's Noir, even if the series is making some changes to the Marvel hero.
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In this version of the story, Cage will not be playing Peter Parker, as his Spider-Man Noir will be someone else, while Tom Holland continues to play Peter in live-action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cage is the perfect fit for Noir, which will tell the story of an older Spider-Man who serves as a P.I. and is the only superhero in 1930s New York. The actor has plenty of darker roles and unconventional characters that show he will excel at this kind of hero.
Like Peter Parker, Cage's Spider-Man Noir possesses a list of incredible powers, with the hero also having a special ability that the main Spider-Man does not, which is being immune to pain. Cage playing a hardened, disillusioned Spider-Man who feels no pain in the 1930s gritty New York is an exciting fit. Since Spider-Man Noir's world is seen through a black-and-white lens, if Noir repeats that feat, Cage's live-action debut as Spider-Man could be one of the most unique superhero entries of recent years.
Spider-Man Noir Action Spider-Man Noir is an animated television series set in a dark and gritty universe. The show follows the story of Peter Parker, a cynical and violent Spider-Man who lives in a black-and-white world. This darker take on the Spider-Man character is set in the 1930s and features a film noir-inspired aesthetic.
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Source: The New Yorker


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