Titans & Doom Patrol Stars On Returning For James Gunn"s DC Universe

WARNING: This article includes SPOILERS from Titans season 4, episode 9.With both Titans and Doom Patrol coming to an end, stars of the HBO Max shows talk about returning for James Gunn's DC Universe. The end is near for two of HBO Max's remaining DC TV shows. While Doom Patrol season 4, part 2, has yet to kick off, Titans season 4, part 2, is in the midst of going through its final batch of episodes. However, as a surprise to many, Titans season 4, episode 9, served as the beginning of a crossover with Doom Patrol, which will continue in next week's episode.
Screen Rant recently chatted with Beast Boy and Cyborg themselves, Ryan Potter and Joivan Wade. Following the big reveal of Victor Stone finding Gar Logan at the end of this week's Titans, the actors spoke about the future of their characters. With Titans and Doom Patrol concluding, the actors shared their interest in reprising the roles, perhaps in James Gunn's new DC Universe.
Joivan Wade: For me, 100%. I think it's bittersweet to really getting to dip your toe in the water and finally get these characters together in a conclusion. I'm sure I can speak for Ryan that we've always wanted to continue doing this and just have that set up. We have to let the fans do the work. If they love it, maybe there will be an opportunity for us to come back and circle back. But I'd definitely love to continue that journey, and there's a whole world of stories and waffles that I would love to explore with Ryan and move forward with.
Ryan Potter: I'll sign up for the Waffle-verse, essentially! But really quickly, Andy, before we hop off, I wanted to give a shout out to Geoff, because the question you'd ask prior on how we were able to get all of the cameos like Shazam, The Flash and Grant Morrison: I had pitched to him this close-ended story and Geoff said, 'If we're doing this, let's do it. Let's pull out all the stops and have a story of interconnectedness on a scale that we haven't done before.' Because all the same elements were in play. But we were still looking for a way to really end the episode in a way that made sense for Vic's and Doom Patrol's arrival so that door of exploring the multiverse is thanks for Geoff. I'd love to craft stories - I'm definitely here for that. But as I said, I'll return for the Waffle-verse of Beast Boy and Cyborg! [laughs]


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