New DCU Supergirl Casting Rumored For Superman: Legacy Has DC Fans Furious For Sasha Calle

  • DC fans express their disappointment and heartbreak over the potential recasting of Sasha Calle's Supergirl in Superman: Legacy and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.
  • The DCU's Superman: Legacy may cast a new actor as Superman's Kryptonian cousin. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet.
  • Many DC fans on social media believe that Sasha Calle still had great potential as Supergirl in the new DC Universe.
DC fans voice their rejection of Sasha Calle's possible recast in the DCU's Superman: Legacy and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Casting updates for several upcoming DCU movies and shows are helping James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe take shape, and with them comes a variety of reactions from fans on social media. Several actor announcements have been well received, but other updates have raised doubts.
Industry insider DanielRPK reported that Superman: Legacy is searching for a new Supergirl actor. So far, Supergirl's DC Universe casting hasn't been confirmed by official sources. However, DC fans already took to X to voice their opinions on Sasha Calle's potential exit from the role. See the reactions below:
Who Could Play Supergirl In The New DC Universe Supergirl will have a new origin story in the DCU, as confirmed by Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow's announcement info. Inspired by the eponymous comic book storyline, the DCU's Supergirl will likely be born in the same universe as David Corenswet's Superman, having stayed behind on a piece of Krypton after Kal-El is sent to Earth. If Sasha Calle were to return as Supergirl, she would play a very different version of the character. The fact that Sasha Calle's Supergirl and Henry Cavill's Superman never met each other in the DCEU could help Calle return in the DCU, but the DCU's vastly different take on Supergirl suggests otherwise.
A Supergirl recast in James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe is still unconfirmed by official sources, and certain DCEU actors are returning in the DCU, but the likelihood of Supergirl getting recast in the DCU is still high. Superman: Legacy and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow need to gel together seamlessly in order to underline the DCU's improved interconnectivity, as Superman and Supergirl are the two biggest names in the DC Universe's first chapter, "Gods and Monsters". Both Kryptonians will likely share the screen for a long time afterward, therefore the compatibility between Superman and Supergirl's actors must be prioritized above keeping a previous actor.


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